A new survey shows that over half of U.S. adults can't remember this. What are we forgetting?

Tuesday, November 14th


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Classic hits study four point nine WO likes with Jim and Jerry look on the morning every morning at 730 it's the world famous brings strange question answer it's 664. One not a Ford island you know the answer your current instance morning good Corey Dunkin' Donuts gift card. America runs on Duncan this morning's question. Don't feel that if you forget things anonymous do Apple's US adults cannot cream remember. This where we forget nonesuch a regular basis there's your brain strain had WO Alex. I would say they're children for their children's birth DC there's a lot of potential for instance who this question and what is is is that NASA wants. That's that's the sorry I say I extra Sam hinds won 641 hour before and I'm. Over half of US adults remember this is their anniversary team there's another good answer. And ultimately rely again. I had no idea hello there Ernie there well it's rare I love. Oh right your power you know that's more important excellent good deed here you know our over half of US adults Jenna remembers Vince. I bought a wedding. Certificate that the the diploma I. That that's pretty specific. And all it alters I've heard that without without being crude the. Yeah what you is sometimes they say they candidacy would analyze champagne and even lower parents say they're tired I've heard don't you letting gays and the most tiring experiences. We have heard a guy who were trying to keep your your laughing are you agreeing with the champ it at that. I have no comment on the matter. If they. But it's buying gas down again as this again is right guess that's not an. I was in my take a while overhead. The adults to remember that's that's our green street for today I want the path forward. OZ smiles that is an awesome gas eagle I was thinking about that when it did I mention this tear I have liked each different pass well at least yeah it's written anything bullpen is so that would be a good answer due to not let it but that's not from Connor Connor the word hello there. Ernie there. Is there are a lot. Oh right and how are you know that's more important excellent good to hear you know our over half of US adults do not remember. Hello hello there or did you answer if you answer every team hosting an open are you OK. So you are number com us. And any possible answers and laugh forcing united visas crawl. All error. Now and hopefully the identity thieves are their don't know and as well yes. It might take it hurt her back. He came what is it they US adults can't remember over half of US adults can't remember. Social Security number no this is a security not not a not a. Married Leah age you do a little WLX brace straight lingering here 6641. Tiny bird and over half of US adults and a loser may. Remember this what do they know or move them. The idea that you really close. You are so close allow yourself was not try to second guess nearly knocked up and I. Actually hit him or I'd six. How many board right over half of US adults and Newser they do not remember this. And split number all right Cindy Hammel. Thank you send me you have bailed us out because this is just going on for two locked up how I asked.