A new Survey shows that 15% of guys have insulted a woman on a first date by asking this question ?

Friday, July 14th


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Classic hits and any four point nine W Olin lacks the go on the morning green screen question with Terry Barr for this morning. Call 6641. ID 49 when you get the correct answer you'll win tickets to see Gordon Lightfoot. At the capitol theater inside the overture center on September 16 question this morning the goal is. 15%. Of guys have insulted the first deeds by asking him that it's kind of stupid question. Call us when you know all the WOLEWRX. Raines strained according to. Her dinner Null at all aren't you kind of go on an actor who. Louis. XW all race requested for this morning news survey says 50% of guys it insulted our first date. Plans dean is this question what is your own our own yours oh yeah what he BD what's your sign. A movie don't you can't she just. Maggie well what's your what's your side okay Jim. I don't think it's. Tell our failure dot com Allan and Aaron RW only screens strayed to extra color 66 or one or any sport on he got through all they want to know what's your answer the question new survey says 50% of guys have insult to the first date my asking this. This from Douglas student or are who leads again. Man. Educate our and that and I am yeah out most of us are aging backwards now let's run out of gas and it. Isn't okay hey I. They are color six hour day and what not for a 50% of guys have been sculpted a first day what Europe was unique team that. But it's good morning the W all these greens drain it succeeds hormone important you do this morning good NATO and go to new survey says 50% of guys and insulting the first day by asking this dumb questions from cricket and what is I hope it's nothing to do with their weight. That won't give you points. Yeah I don't you know. I'll let you anything you ask Aaron I'm now and then and hell hath not. As you know lied EU and yet he's charming guy but she Denver hasn't done could zone and they include the cooking good. Yeah it makes. It arterial. I don't know how long. Eye ear and I love doing. That and loves it as much as you can yeah. A man I've never been in order it and I think this. I. Eight W don't let's Marines strayed to extra color 66 or one eye for an eye and he got through you know what's your answer the question news survey says 50% of guys have insult to the first date by asking this. This random question I think I'll aren't and that's it there's the answer yeah. How half lap. Have you done it's our knows someone who have this. I don't know mood as I am very well done. Okay good for you sure current. Did you give your up person that you know any advice after they said they did that you know just what happened already I. He does second day spa and leaders though. Really cool check it out to tell me they're like Mary now for ten years there's. Indians already well yes he asked her for gas money here. May let him that the gain wealth Jimmie said what not to handle it not build up their words over what what is your name generator and Marie green.