New research shows that this could cause us to eat unhealthy food when dinning out...what could do that?

Thursday, June 21st


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Greens trains on demand right here at your fingertips of convenient and her website make Schuch looks so busy at WLX dot com you're also think you're working really hard. Are this morning's question. I approached another birthday I do all sorts of research to keep me alive hopefully another year this was fascinating animated good brain stream question research shows it. This will cause us to eat unhealthy food you did it forward to getting Alex. My answer is 'cause it is good. But Steve's doctor honest politician from the fine city of sun prairie had an honest in correct brain straight answer for us this morning let's listen. WLB street good morning to you good morning do you have the right answer. Are hoping well we're hoping to unite my birdies in a week here maybe you've noticed a really. Happy birthday early again and again ring yet do you do happen. And again I don't do a lot of medical reasons is that one and they beat you live a few more years old age you don't six pounds. This new study shows that when dining multiple causes still order unhealthy food. OK I. Actually I was gonna go for an answer but I remember seeing something that had to this period a restroom with a load music. Own moon. Let me check. Did exist it didn't really asked I don't know what day it is always blown music. Shout yeah that is totally not what I was gonna say but I am. I might my initial answer was dealt with your DFS and a little play initial but I remember this study was just I think like about a month or so going to. Besides blue. I know when you're out with your friends it's like you hate each other Ryan to eat bad food I feel let's get did not shows OK and I. She's Kurds OK that says. There all right guys you guys are right there pressure will do it every. There now it's also loud music music now a lot of music is Ian enter the jury thought she had to figure out you know when I was gonna say yeah merger in nineteen. Yeah you're like only I want Joe's cool. She's entering. Her cereal the you know I like this answer better loud music I don't get the connection that you allowed musical media order book on healthy makes you feel rowdy or something I don't know how easy. But that is the correct brace straight to the blog music at LA. Home why do all. Thank you for getting writes yes what with Jim who think otherwise he'd ever wrong or who do. That's pretty good to go boatload music Kenya Britain say the most likely I do like my music like Terry can now destined that it only guys plug. I like loud music and sometimes it's I can't even hear myself think in the united. Okay thank you ticket dale can your birthday lectured intense probably see assistant I. You are correct. Be very critical and we should have divert his late note Jim that. How about that jam or is Steve would you have a great day thank you very well yeah. On that she's yeah. The red roof in great prize you can stay at a red Bruce in anywhere you want so that's super at all. Think it's so so much.