In-A new national dating survey, 37 % of women say they hate when a man does THIS while trying to be romantic?

Thursday, August 3rd


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Classy kids study four point nine W Olin lacks time for the world famous book on the morning brings stream questioned with Jerry bar like it is every morning. It's 730 went off family four pack two tickets for the was down secede fear you know sometimes you didn't really learn a lot from brain strange question but this morning's. At 6641949. To answer. 37%. Of women in a new dating survey. Say they hate this when I guess he does this while trying to be romantic. Collison win the W Olin lacks. WL I sprain strain you call sixties or 100 for a week that you have the answer new survey says that 37% of women. Hate it when a guy does this what he's trying. To be romantic thing we're well Ber. Mood in a leader in. That is a great answer unfortunately nine that the it is a great hitter with her favourite moment. Delhi all like sprayed streaky gone dignitaries since since hormone before I knew survey says that 37% of women. When a guy does this what he's trying to be romantic. Serpico played their lose the Pulitzer. Well well well look. Ellen well that sounds rather sassy again I wouldn't do it. Yeah and I thought I think I'm blushing pick up. Every night she was never had that this could. Yeah I anymore but none got me good guess plumber really put a lot of good food thanks for trying not to raise him this morning. He's one out of 49 news survey says that 37% of women hate it when a guy does this well he's trying to be romantic Bernie thinks he's me beat me that you know him. You're under outpouring of Dublin who both. The food yeah. What would be your turn off the cuff line would you leave her home. She that's good you don't have one good job for someone like like my name is Jim my own the radio station also. I'll order the arrow ordering the hurry. Low molecular ordering your dinner yeah yeah like assuming they know what she wants. Glanced at a rude to let me let me Adams ES would. Yeah a root of the regional inserting ethernet a they are. If we don't get a day like good cheers and thanks for columns yeah I think you a little bit and it. I want to get pregnant and I really. Don't see you don't need any event held my breath. Yeah. Did you see what I understood his mom he took off I don't give my endeavor that got me you haven't gotten that far. JQ what you're yes life is that I got that jacket. He would turn off W well let's bring it straight 66 or 194 and you know that you call yeah. 37%. Of women have a look at it. New data survey says 37% of women heat when a guy. Donna is this what he's trying to be all romantic turn to be all suave and cool you're doing it under. Oh bring in I think you got a disease are like a pretty suave guy who. And as you probably don't do this and yet. Miner number at all. I can't wait to hear this answer. Small enemy here blowing in the year is that correct to bring it to answer yes. How do you know this is a bit at I don't know against. Well and populate. Your house committee that he did it in the past all you've been slapped a few times. I'll. Google was it like a junior high blowing the year. Problem. Out of her or all of it and can he. Oh auto works for the ticket if it missed calls are what are hurt and an immortal and. It's an area we we live and learn don't we get hot hot hot that's that's the Little League and I wish we secretly works with. He had Jim's asking him and brand Jim said nasty script and ST referendum. Are pretty moderate leader order well Ole Ole Jerry what really work I. I don't know what we'll talk later Jim moves on later and I'll do what what does your name they expected Jarrett who aren't you.