New medical research shows that doing this on the weekend might increase your life expectency...what is it ?

Monday, June 18th


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Here it is once again at WOLX. Dot com for your viewing convenience the brain street posted here daily. Kasay missed it this morning B wanna double checked the answer question this morning was mule medical research. Shows that if you do this on the weekend they might actually. Increase your life expectancy. It did know with my birthday coming up. Medical research shows if you do this on the weekend you might actually increase your life expectancy. Todd president told trial knew the answer let's listen in to deplete the. WR sprain strain your answer being taken its execs more when I'm when I'm doing is on the weekend might extend your life expectancy that's our break answering questions. Well I'll go jogging and jogging on the weekend hot hot hot got a didn't you think and I'm like I can't picture Jim pocket. What a the IR Walker's dear husband John like I let everybody answer is Jim you do it right I do that kind of I don't I don't Beckett are in my beard so. And we this. Over the dairy queen drive the Taliban and yeah I had a great Monday. Did W likes brain strain question for this morning at 664100. Porn I'm doing this on the weekend today actually extend your life support treatment sleep and Adelaide is the direct brain straight answer out. Probably held given away because I ask you if you do it and I know the only time you can and Jim is on the weekend zero whose. Usually delayed on the weekend to. I love to sleep and millions who'll give limited I don't want to get up at three on Saturday is that I didn't. Gluten on there Friday as Saturdays at eight not a socks I flat. Out goodies. It's ambassadors and unless the house is on fire I have are. I nice dawn this morning we had to take fuel hey baby who is this.