nearly 30 % of kids left the house this morning with this in their bsckpacks, What was in there ?

Thursday, March 1st


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A classic hits 94 point nine W likes green strained their morning docent. Yes from Jimmy Gerri every weekday morning 730 you can find these questions for your convenience brain strains on demand later on W Rolex dot com. This morning's brain is strange question you can answer. 6641. Got to Florida I answered correctly. 125 dollar. Trip gift card nearly 30% of kids will leave the house is burning. With this in their bad panic. The kids have been their best nearly 30% of kids will leave the house this morning with this in their act there is your brain strain questions. Good morning every CWX rays strain cancer hotline if it is indeed nearly 30% of kids go to school business. In Playboy magazine. Extracurricular reading that T and you that did you peek into gyms and. Patty brings to work. I'm not and Atlanta to don't look at it a little. It gets to. I. We always pretty it's. Six and 1 thing where I am nearly 30% of kids go to school this morning was busy in their back. On that tour. And go out there. The water bottles very good news this doctor Juan Carlos is struggling that we yeah. Drive by a long drought and yet please do try to this number six it's more when you aren't nearly thirty percentages will go to school this morning with this Internet. One cold lunch. Would lose against him. I am excited that it's not I guess I'll hit it nicely done. And six explore wanted to for an hour question this morning on the greens drained nearly thirty percentages will go to school was sorting which is either red. And I had to fight with a yes as an Austin gas I think that would be my favorite guests of fire then isn't Greek is a sports scene on the. I didn't. Try. As they present and here's this morning at 6641. Of our race straight question that you do is join us nearly 30% of kids. We'll go to school is wait a visit to Baghdad. I. Ipads and other it's a big desks and moved us now is the amount. 66. Wanted me to answer the streets frequency it was 30% of kids go to school this morning that's correct me. And approach. This team did stay tuned now yeah. I was thinking outside the box did not like it's outside the bank. It's a really Smart meters so we're in our future's looking bright Terry today we'll tell our listeners are very Smart yes they sure are. So nearly 30% of kids we'll all the door this morning with fists in the air back tech that's our brain strain question what's your answer. Well I'm in campaign I'm not anywhere near the island and agony ended bigger picture of her. Only he's not done yeah. It's an extra dollar to an independent arbiter it is since. Yeah yeah. Hey yeah. I. Yeah no I need to get it now that hit me me me me me. My next again getting you for doing that yeah and they keep forgetting the writing answered that was gonna go on for a long time you and I they're below their buddy that injured yeah sad. Yeah do you know any kids that Cherie hands sanitized or maybe do you. I will or will linger program. It won't I really can't cook at all I got Jim's interest why. You little hole look. Yeah although it. Wow great nice surge. These are Smart they're really Smart these days and they're healthy do they don't want any germs and old ray little and San advisors are correct bring. Awesome nicely done sir what's your name. Given my ears theory can.