Name 3 hits from the 80's that mention movie stars...

Monday, July 10th


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Classic hits 94 point nine WO elect's mood on the morning. Jim what area are great string question this morning as we hear ready for a totally eighty's weekend let's go so much he these teen questioned him this morning on the green strained. Name us. Three songs from the eighties and mention. Movie stars are right. Goal 664. One body for an I named threes songs from the eighties three big hits. Then mention movie stars. Call us answer in a win WL I sprain strain of totally eighties we can't count on they started three and a question mark on the greens and succeed current parent. Name 380. Who gets the. Thank you movie stars can you duet. Up I'm OK. I'm. Part of Iraq or or as well that's a deal is done every freebie you're. Hole I don't know that's a nine. On the source sacks from the nineteen reasonably met in about a Reynolds I'll Greta Garbo at a much and he now that would Arab. And lined out I have good I guess to a gyms like act known around in ninety and they want to understand better. And give. Are. It is good cellular like strange strange citrix or I don't point nine than ever for your answer to the question name 380s. It's been mentioned. Movie star race goal could open you're thirty okay what. 380 songs that mention movie stars out. We over totally. I would. We very have been rated it a little high. I try yeah. I heard you call. All. Loan to us W always great street digital color 66 or 190 the question this morning I mean 380 signature movies are released movie centers were a team in the eighties music to put you what do you do what do you got a lot of didn't even let her. And I did today and parents can I don't. Now works very odd she. Yeah it's. Yeah. Candle in the yeah not only are there you're hoping for help to Dan's Dan Nye in Maryland the overall yes the patent aren't. And held that will crush our golden well yeah. I think earliest and yeah yeah. Beautiful beautiful Sears CA and Bette Davis eyes candle in the wind a giant in and then non vote no on the red smear you don't generally came up with that it was a great son was a big hit an 82 member Vinny are dirty Higgins steal our goal he mentioned double B and book called him and. Yeah yeah and I'm like gosh I forgot all about to ask Sonos also. Honor Sarasota or else. I thought yeah. Lone man. You've got metal tools take Jackson yeah and on the Ritz candle in the wind Bette Davis eyes. Jobs they're really didn't call to what's your name I didn't didn't quit their ING.