Name 2 hits from the 70's that mention something from "The Wizard Of Oz"

Monday, August 14th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W Olin lacks smoke on the morning brings strange world famous with Terry borrow only. But got the morning could turn the lesser of us in the early seventies type greens stream question name two hits. From the seven these. Then mentioned something about the wizard of us. Could question as we kickoff for a super seventies weekend this afternoon and celebrate The Wizard of Oz which. Made its world debut you know come walk Wisconsin. 78 years ago this weekend. There's your brain strain dancer at 6641. At a Ford I Winnie sun prairie sweet corn festival. Prize package from W Ole LAX. W Orleans brain strain 66 or on any front nine we thank you for Colin and number name two hits from the seventies in mentioned something from the wizard lives. And our row would move towards the other one we need to we need to. Oh come on you can do it no pressure message shot sauce. I dealt. Or what are you not. Could trip up I got. A big dry. Launched. Brain strain is 66 or one hour point nine celebrating The Wizard of Oz world debut 78 years ago I gonna kind of locked with the brain strain this morning about the seventies. He named two hits from the seventies that mentioned it was in the mountains. Wow I didn't know why or that. It's a brave and have to step up. Ghana's zigzags are one out of 49 in their brain strain this morning named two hits from the seventies and mentioned something from the wizard Abbas. Slow and then by American. And an engine room. No we need you need to songs sweet songs. Alone pool boy heads interesting attempt to her boy all hat he had won the man yeah. Nearly all are not WR like sprains strains 66 or 194 and I value in this morning's. Bet you click your Lil ruby red slippers together for good luck oh yeah. It could hit it and hope it didn't do seven DC kids that mentioned something from the wizard of us. They're not yellow legal alum and there's blood in him. And I came here. There are they out there and are proud to John old she knew the names of the songs and the bans boom just like snacks. You know. Your brain stream bringing you and how do you feel about sweet corn and wouldn't want. Good good yeah about how to get a lot of it which is also on gas. Nearly a lot to two core intelligent and load a lot of sweet car company Angel park. We believe. This record festivals next weekend you have to corn till it's a parking pass for parking and admission Bodden also carnival ride tickets got the works for the corn past yeah. Eight out of and Terry and I need to see out there gas will be de Aaron I don't floor okay so come by and see us stay in normal and don't laugh at all the corner tees. But the. It maybe she'll tell us they are just a towel when there's stuff seek and you gotta be tough recording your teeth at. Hey there to admit it.