Most household accidents are caused bu chainsaws, microwave ovens and what else?

Monday, August 20th


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Send 94 point nine W allow extra strain strain. We must guard in the morning. It was just this morning trivia test every morning which Syrian gym at seventy. Here in the dangers that lurk in the home. Household dangers the topic of our brain strain when did this to see jail and also great illusionist this Friday nights. When those tickets with your correct answer. 6641949. Most household accidents are caused by. Chain saws so it's equality and Mike early evening things we shouldn't in the microwave and. One else. What's the third. Common cause of household accidents. College clear answer. We're awaiting that 6641 at a port on W all nice grade strain Euro what do you think most households accidents caused by James does microwave ovens and what else. Raring to bar agreed shallower. Shower should laugh because it happens a lot I don't know there are pro Michelle heard me yeah this shower especially in spots. Norman Bates is being in her home. Oh yeah home or lard fried chicken I burned my hand a couple of our. Fried chicken good guess is meant it would it's hurt which that was where you have a good Paul W well let's bring in screen 6641 out overnight Hillary you'll. Lol what do you what do you think most apostles accidents caused by jeans pockets microwave ovens and what else. All what are. Who put a friend of mine fell off his roof. So that's a that's a pretty accurate answer not quite the right answers are directly to the top of it. Microwaves. Micro waving things indirectly. Our chain saws or what's the other thing that causes household accidents. Let's go to get. It's like a duck on a Lego that's the worst thing that every year I don't know I think I'm a leg of that. Dad is an awesome gas. Z is awesome I was I was into all this and. Bet that's totally I don't think anybody else to do it it didn't work that W outlet. Volley better Zahn. Listen I'm pleased against Iran what Tony hill he's example. Tell us again I guess what you think all microwave and incorrectly my driving things chain saws what's the other. Cause of household accidents. Between secretary almost former tutor your remarks earlier rugs is the correct well I don't call it a copy on your little magic carpet ride there that is not go away that and why. Slide thereon that's what does little emergency rooms say they see a lot of books injuries from that almighty cash the. And it'll be arrogance. You you have hopefully not falling down due to a drug have you. Come close to actual term OK okay shoot week who are you. Scott Peterson.