Mom says, "I don't want anything for Mother's Day." Jim and Teri talk about why she is probably lying

Wednesday, May 9th

LISTEN:  If you, or a Mom you know says, "I don't want anything for Mother's Day," a new survey shows -- you, or a Mom you know -- isn't telling the truth!

Jim and Teri talk about it, and offer 3 easy gift ideas as suggested in the survey.


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Earlier this morning. Nice little song never Rosie and thinking about any moms and might have that name. Jim what do you do for a mom though who says. You know I don't I don't want anything because you know she does right based t.s and Iran's eSATA line itself you're done. Why how did you still get her some polling OK and of course you awesome bar make awesome and very nice song in because you could see right through the I don't want anything do anything and yet my mom's side too but I know she once while ours that's like her mean deals he wants flowers. Joyce us to be I want to flowers while I'm alive when he okay got a nicer sentiment when Al hey you live. It's so funny because. I really don't want anything there there's a new survey out that indicates. All the moms who say that really actually do you want some pain. But if you got the moms who are in their twenties to the moms and their ninety's some like to cook some like to drink some like Kashmir some like lavender. So it's tough sometimes to try to figure out what's gifts may be good for the mom that's as I really don't want anything that they actually mean they do. So in this survey here's what came up as the top things to get a mom who tells you where and when anything. Yes this is pretty funny all three starts with an asked Jim we're talking about slippers. Soaps. And scars how about that pretty simple with an ass too if you ask me. You can get him a scarf of almost any kind and boy scarves are hot these days. And they say that will make a mom very happy they can Wear it. In almost all kinds of weather and looks super cute doing it scented soaps are the big deal as well. And slippers. I have to say I agree with the slippers she can never have and of slippers around your house. So there you have that those are the items to get according to a new survey what do you think Jim and ideas and happy mother's fatal tomorrow. About this guy's mom that's a nice Monday Tuesday press. And this purposely for some half. Shiny purple Smith.