McGaw in the Morning: Your digital devices and why you may want to take advice from Jim

Monday, April 9th

LISTEN: Jim and Teri talk about the growing issue of digital eye strain. Although, if you are Jim, you forget your cell phone most of the time, so you probably don't have to worry about it.


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If kids see ninety's boys nine W a law and next. All right Jim how many hours do you think you spend looking at a computer. Or your phone or any other kind of screen during the day throughout the course of the day yeah. Probably more on a computer screen and you'll end with a phone I've been known that it's different I don't even know your phone is how do you somewhere in my truck. Hey you know why they do not soared as I model of it home. It I don't know words. You really don't care or I think is really funny because the rest of us like. It's like and how did harm or later something from the rose colored. It in his connection to a minus it and I kind of admired that because on average now there's this new serving out that says most of us are staring at some kind of screen. For more than nine hours today and that doesn't include TV screen that's. On either computer or your phone or tablet or an I pattern. And now of course we've heard about the blue lights that comes from some of these especially on. You know there the mobile devices that are saying weeks this is they have. And for you all of them yeah the blue light that who comes off of like. Say you're looking at your phone clear there's like that we are blue light that's sort of underlying. The screen isn't and for a while now they've been saying. That looked like he keep you awake at night if it's say the last thing you do is look at your phone or your tablet early and then you go to badness like who. Broiled in your eyeballs on the run when he's the only. Well I agree it was you don't even know your phone is so there's that sonic boom in. Com Honda. By another sane. The longer you're on these devices and that blue light. Now they're saying it's affecting people so. And IE strain. It's not just. You know the blue like keeping you awake at all these other things are starting to become. A problem vision blurry guy ease fatigue sometimes read. And getting a lot more headaches. Reported just so that's pretty interesting down. The blue light emitted from digital devices as high school energy visible light. Now yeah doctors are even behind it saying it's harmful and is gonna cause some problems for your IDs. I in other especially looking at younger people Jim. Not use it as you know what are your body feel it yeah all the younger folks that are like you know they can barely take their eyes away from their phone or tablet. So just one of those things again on that doctors are gonna start asking patients about how many hours do you look at your phone or your tablet. Just to try to figure out why you might have a headache or eye strain. So by avoiding my formats he lit leave living a much healthy on the oddly yes but good for you and Jimmie thank you dear. While thousands of who. So you're way ahead of all the rest of any of my friends or relatives trying to reach me don't think it's when you add Jim is trying to be healthy just didn't hear something.