McGaw in the Morning talk cows...

Wednesday, July 12th


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Jim is you know I love to read up on us studies and surveys and just kind of find out what the general population is thinking about things. Like you do when we're doing our brain strain on countless hours of research. Absolutely. So I have a question for you to go ahead fire away what states do you saying cast more cattle than people in the states knowledge I would would've just to Wisconsin twenty years ago permit and on that I'm gonna see maybe California because they've kind of moved into the dairy states to have us know who's Julio it's interesting California's way aids on the list and it's Alice dancing elf South Dakota has four top half like this is in many. Cattle as people. Sure shaved their population in human. Numbers 800000. Cattle three million. I just signatures in Wisconsin is number twelve on the list we've got a population of high a news. Am more than five million and the cattle population is about three million so I won't go at it too soft corner looking for a minute my new girls million. Unless you would like David Howell and maybe. No yeah. I'm still a better tees dirt off there yes. You're touchy subject for you it to you crowd big how will the dark. Cross college and how with the death. Cheese crackers mountain car wreck the. Did you know they know I use of his stand all of our good friend this is like he's the brain strain master mind he did tonight and I am the master of nothing else out there if I.