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Thursday, April 13th


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It's funny because I was just thinking about cleaning up my desk. Area here and death. Just in time came across little article about things that are dirty year than a toilet and it's not this year Dell up and what does your cell phone. How don't have a cell phone is actually dirty here than a toilet Savannah as I'm looking through the rest of this article they actually did a study eat. To see how what other things may be dirty ear then your cell phone. Lou shoot lose this is with you have all yeah. It was they ice it says some in this study it only takes two weeks for brand new pair of issues. To collect 421000. Units of bacteria. Move on a kitchen sink I guess that makes sense right business in mind. Half cup you know our fellow he was Caroline there idea oh and then of course are this particular scientist mentions even worse than a damper. Kitchen sink is that damp. Kitchen sponge right nearby the worst in the sink or the cellphone or. The shoes is the kitchen sponge huddle this playground equipment all yeah her kids go and play calling egg little kids or Germany will kill you now and in this particular survey they college. Playgrounds are essentially a public toilet for birds in all. Look up up in nineteen we heard another broker a save at the and so a caller. With a perspective brain stringing question I. I should now wonder that one yet and I'm gonna say free future brings train I guess we can't really talk about it now will save Italy I get to be a good brain strain in the. Your future and her friends with Syrian gym tonight you can even see us trying. Here on the go on the morning with blue oyster cult products it.