McGaw In The Morning Podcast Bad Boss

Thursday, April 13th


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Classic kids now play nice and you know it's Madonna in the morning and. Jim and Terry right here along with the UN and you're trying to find authority maybe that means you're trying to fight against your bad boss. How about that for a little up play on songs with words together. Thursday therapy in session gym and gone today we are talking about ES bad bosses. We've had some kind of fun comments already on FaceBook. Most of those are not telling stories though because they've asked for at least a half an hour or an hour. To share their story because that's how long their story is to be able to explain it it's kind of sad yeah. It's I had sushi all mightn't gosh and I know use them posted GM hopefully it's not too late for you can initiate the bad biased. And in this is all coming out of a new survey. From Harvard business. That's basically shows that most significant cause of workplace stress and unhappiness. Having a bad boss yeah it is and a lack of salary you're elect a vacation days number one having a bad boss. And here's how a bad boss is described. In this survey they put all of these traits together so what I think about this. It is often a person who is on con Angel micro manages. Employees. Bad communicators. Absent. Doesn't really seem to care about employees well being. Or all of the above it sound like someone you know look. Awful with we hope not near my nice. Do you make any noble go bucks is it really worth it you have to if it passes. Yeah I almost edited before and it's Voss notoriously bad while good thing I didn't say something else can't gnome gnome. Cell in my world as his worth and of the present complete here from the. A girl or could beat him to love my god in the morning. And down low in her. Onto I'll Wear a Thursday therapy session because we all of some than a crab about who we all say. Nobody listens so that's why but on the morning Jim and Terry we're here for you. The question today has come up out of a new study. Released by Harvard business about. Why people are unhappy at their job and it isn't salary or vacation days. Number wine. Bad boss. Jim which attacked and its desire jet off. Jeff you've done their with a bad Bob why are right there are many bad apple went for what what I went where all over the years is. Well are people don't quit get out. They went off. Holy men who suited my a lot of job this could see in the boss. Exactly. He felt that. Were meant Sunday night eight anybody. Oh you're right men dressed they still worked here. Our Jeff you made a good point man and how how does your Knight commission asking how you boxes these days but yeah doing these days. I'm doing your grandma and if you're wondering. Ernie just positive guy and you're here and news good a year thinking.