McGaw in the Morning- Over 40 No Nos. Says Who?

Thursday, July 27th


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Classic hits and Danny four point nine WOL. Next. But gone in the morning Jimmy teary end. Conversation Jim and I were having earlier on and off throughout this morning and we decided we might need you to weigh in on its Jim is quite too bothered to. This morning by something he read Jim why don't you tell us so well and in your play in the eighties at eight to make everybody feel young again or is is nothing contrary to two rumor. Or bug of opinions owe it all opinion nothing wrong with feeling and I saw an article over the weekend if I can undoing them. Do you things that guys over forty shouldn't be doing oh and I was at this sounds like Meehan most of my friends. So what are the things you really shouldn't be doing but you still are told is a bunch of things these guys over forties she shouldn't be doing anymore of them was wearing her duties on idol and I know a lot of guys aware what the final every guy that we. The Indiana the other was not to Wear concert T suck hold onto T shirts and I thought oh my mother who was at my award not add up. What you try not earlier so riding a scooter I arrived riding a scooter or Steve Moore. It's a bureau report doubles for doing things. What great. As you can it.