McGaw in the Morning Natl Candy Corn Day October 30 2017.mp3

Monday, October 30th

Did you know candy corn has been around since the late 1800's? The kernel-shaped candies created in autumn harvest colors are a Halloween classic. But why? And just how many pieces of candy corn are produced?

Jim and Teri talk about Hallowen candy on #NationalCandyCornDay...


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And I'm gonna be watching you when you're eating candy corn over the Internet at a dole and potentially yourself well I think last week but we have last week Nestle's slowed Jesse crow tomorrow yap yap so where we're. Contributing to the ED you know with the Halloween candy what are you guys in archer placed. I'll be you know me I'd like to cap so the Bollywood is going to be because if there's a left overs. I'll be very happy I that's all right my to stash some away before they've completely you know early by Halloween candy with ourselves in my career it's I don't lose millions more Wheeling little. Do you actually is like candy corn on the mind OK it's national candy corn day. And yes actually observed. Perfectly on October 30 right before Halloween. It was not created back in the eighteen hundreds. He thought the guy who created his name is George went injure and he just saw the bright colors of the corn kernels. Worked well at this time of year and it was actually yellow orange and white. And now you know there's some that are made with like the yellow orange and the brown and got to a chocolate stripes have been. No so why serve being of candy corn you know which is usually just a couple of pieces yet only has about a 140 calories. I'm not any there's a 140 caller's just for a couple well now a couple in your hands teams began. It used to be called chicken feed it. Because it actually kind of looks like real Koren the Canada soon. Sad thing 85% of the annual candy corn in production. Is for Halloween. How many. Counter pieces do you think they make per year of when this via. When he knew. At an Iraq in its 35 million pounds. Which equals nine billion with a B. It was pieces of candy corn. If you were baton last Friday's check Daryn good good thing got a widget to give it to me because you would've lost how hot under what's your favorite Halloween. It really is it's it's it can't I know boring they can have all the time but that's my favorite candies your favorite Halloween kicking up W a blind -- like I'm a mini Snickers Tom meaning Nestle's crunch. Like and I'll just guess here that was a practice if you have a lot firmer.