McGaw In The Morning

Tuesday, May 2nd


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Did you get all those lyrics in the song does and does it make sense to you describe my at my dating her. All okay well that's funny but hey. There's a new survey out. And this one talks about how often people saying the wrong lyrics. To songs you know like you miss here is the lyrics and you don't really care sing along and just gonna go with it you think you're right yeah. Johnny Nash's I can see clearly now. They say a lot of people thought it was I can see clearly now Lorraine is the line. Little extreme but I can see clearly now the rain has gone up people thought it was Lorraine is gone. Aha talk economy. I'm every or I'm very woman who has been misheard as kind teary while game. They all have that one song where we're like I always really what they're saying. But they said all the adults they talked to in this surveyed yeah. They said their there's too many songs we know a lot of them a look at the lyrics so to sing along to get the right lyrics. And seven out of ten said they sing in the car. And here's my favorite one gym because you just ask you which wheelers it well you wish to make me sings so here's my actually pop and my favorite part of the whole survey. Half of all the respondents admit they are awful singers. Eagle but they didn't care be in most people get erotic karaoke bar yes in the karaoke bar I go to their use too drunk to know us. Not and here's the that the money for nothing and chips for free all dire straits GAAP. And your chicks for free or is that ships now. At some pretty funny lines in McAllister is give us a call here yeah. 664 a little bit before I go in there. Classic hits in 94 point 9 WOO am an excellent guide in the morning good morning to you on this. Monday may first eats 33. Jim and I are having a little fund with a new survey Alex. They basically talk to adults about misheard. Lyrics and almost everyone surveyed agree they've heard at least one song. And heard the lyrics wrong and saying it the wrong way until they actually looked up with the right lyrics work here is another example from someone in the survey who sent this is op as dancing queen. They thought it was dancing queen feel the beat from the tangerine. They also said I was dancing queen here's a supper one seed that girl watch her scream and kicking the dancing queen who likes. Of course that see that girl watch that scene dig in the dancing queen. And that here's another one because I know we do play Bon Jovi he's live and on a prayer and everybody seems to sing along to the song. But this person said I didn't know that the lyrics were doesn't make a difference if we make it or not. This person said it doesn't make a difference if we are nay kid or not I like them better. Hot inside UH yeah except I'm OK I like those that went just usually takes a look at you know what was your. Friend and you vote in Shillue here. Okay everybody you're thinking a lot of bond IR AQ and what you think of men they were seen him on Iraq. Yeah. To be mad that you now. Urged on and nurtured and answered him. There's. No way. All right you're talking about mention here and time. When you haven't yet. Abby I am angered and I think. That that would happen even if you let me it is and you and that I aims the F. I'm telling you if they ask him. Which is quite helpful. And really how it. I don't that he's using it really loud that wrong Wayne. You know I didn't know and now it makes you want to do business it actually eat anything I want it in my kids are hearing yeah. Ares and it probably comes up and cleaned. Up that's awesome. Do you ever scare you out and why didn't happen and that's the quality.