Maurice Cotterell discusses forbidden science of the 21st century

Tuesday, January 16th

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Maurice Cotterell about his book that outlines the answers to many of man's most longstanding and most difficult questions. Maurice explains, God, life and more. 1/12/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson


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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her. Are all right it's Thursday on the West Coast Friday on the East Coast and many were stuck in between now welcome to be on really radio myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome Jamey Johnson both Q. It's great to be everybody. He is an author an engineer and a scientist. Who is the website is Maurice cut Corel dot com. And death in the book you're going to be talked about tonight primarily is called future science forbidden signs of the 21 century we've got a lot talked about so little right to break. And then bring more. Maurice and it's beyond reality radio to listen to. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. The easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Yeah. And I were taken to a topic which is probably far above anything we can comprehend well I have Maurice. Anybody will be able to understand you're a dumbed down trucks right exactly. His book is called future science forbidden signs of the 21 century. And it addresses so many things I'm hoping we have enough time in the program to get to at least most of them because it's at some of the work is controversial. A lot of it is groundbreaking. On and but all of it is is quite interesting so let's go to our guests line and bring in Maurice Maurice Conroe. Author engineer scientist just so you know the website is his name Marie Scott Corel dot com or put links up for you Maurice welcome to beyond reality radio. It's really great to have you on tonight. Era. So the best place to start here is for you to tell us a little bit about yourself because you've done a lot you've written a lot on give us what your background. Well. What about big and I think yeah what got me is that in this area Erisa and first I was many years ago and executed. They should keep pigeons. Aren't. I used to take the pigeons in the basket on my on a bike on the train and the troubled about ten miles. I'm really release the pigeons about ten miles from grace to encircle loans possibly Torrence. And then in exile. Over across the horizon actually came from. And a responsibility to Vista kernel. Figures out how to find his way I don't. And they answer the question would calculate constant times the last left navy college. I'm that went to see it as a radio present in 1970. Rhonda we sailed out of the largest ship canal into the Irish Sea and forced and so announced stunning that we I was on the ship was heading south. But the swell this coming from the southwest so everytime I think what I get the ship it no design cool by about 45 degrees. And then when that happens the automatic steering it sends the right that he deviation. From their intended course of the actual quotes. I'm not send the runner the bow of the ship in the opposite direction to rings bako quotes. Not a stunning that we Asa general on the bulk of the civil order the should be your. On the wrists and shot recorder and the colts and the course was zigzagging. The wife hit the ship and we came back it was him that politics exotic. And it could be banned the pigeons must have been sensing the magnetic deviation Leah. We shot so fascinating. So I couldn't really figure out how they could be doing as. I guess there is in the right place the right time. I grew up in March and to register ran towards I used to watch is so no sense of intermountain. I'm just about time people were beginning to talk about this phenomena called jetlag and counted at least two west. Sense of timing Gaza to the windows. So. Just about that time I thought that figure will higher ups. It's the whole loans. If you live an organism away from the marketing field where it creates you don't see. Perhaps this makes a whole load will change which affects the Tony Romo melatonin. About the effects caused jetlag. And by the changes in omens because most of the ship sail away from the UK I've begun to go home sick. I'm not consider the possibility that sickness like jet was a home a little variation. The ducks pounded away at renewable and in other words whether it gyms and city. These genes were shuffled up magnetic feels the location geographic location. For not know until we always felt comfortable. Place that would Google because what are we were relaxed and peaceful and there's a ton of my religious people haven't stressed and so. So. I don't change that in Poland and how magnetic fields of taxes. I was in the right place the right time because in nineteen several did so in that time I'm talking about. Is sunspot maximum and so learning how to with my radio communications. On I mean when I don't see Hong Kong and China. And I learned about Chinese astrology the twelve years cycle. He's wearing clothes really that important role in our news cycle or Lebanon alleged discovery is not political and it is a short spot cycle. So I decided true. You know investigate decent reception aboard ship just seeing it. There is any scientific background people. Certain to choose how astrology might work. Western astrology which go well it's a armed Chinese astrology and what are just was what does this ship sail from little disarm. The true crime counting candidate who went everywhere mr. west to go very fractious started arguing with each other. And again and I think it was changing mission west desist letter he failed instead of following the magnetic field lines look just. The majority rules changes you're going to last. Others have to change in the right place the right time and it started studying. Astrology psychology and I started to the panel. The variables might be causing. These changes in the field and I looked into the market cycles of the sun especially. In great depth and great teacher bill. I'm. It seemed clear to me that the sun. Was responsible the twelve here astrological cycle. While the Chinese. Was cool spot Eelam war torn on your sums cycle so I decided to set out to prove it. Again it was in the right place at the right time it is after my secret British finished. I went back to college again because what happened at that time to shoot geniuses say is that certain. The International Telecommunication Union brutal new regulations. Which sent some regular lines that are efficient carriage. Satellite communications system in 1990. Then he would no longer need to radio prison. So clearly on how to reach trying to run by university and another degree three and us. Continent then I went to crowned fields in particular is an electrical and communications engineering. I'm while I was one of the many the places on how to adopt it was we compute sensor which at the time mountain. But the biggest computer in the book. That kind of guy you'd. So I had a shot at one of the girls in the concerns or similar to this problem and working on the games and go over such. And I've got some variables and intelligently. To try to work other variables of the sun in in regard to you know who is creating a bit difficult. Did you do every Saturday. Whereabouts six months and it was gonna know. So the barnacles that they basically ruled over Pia goes around the celebrity at a temperature of 64 G day is what most people don't references the stone spends all his taxes and a span of 28 days with relation to the end. Now if you're on the senate goes as slippery slope 26 days but because he is meeting around us and it's a bit lower on the day. Also the suddenness. Very complex magnetic field if you regardless of slides to the equator. It looks like at Celtic cross. On laser on a Disco that's clinical Celtic cross cultural and therefore magnetic fields around it could truly the sound. Positive negative positive negative when you look down on the so. If you look across this island so you can see it quite liberal government or was also another field. There's no sound. But about one wrote it's much more slowly. Now what about science doesn't and a stumble and I do understand. How hot discipline mentoring. There's an awful when one degrees and a around the equator the sun and not drive yet sure who lost loved son around four or more degrees more quickly. In the polar regions of not being. Is this the equator the sun there's going to be 28 days. The polls like forty days to go over how wants relations via. Now. What happens during that time is that it's. We don't know again all the so it was discovered by signs in the 67 to nineteen. But cost us some sprints spends these marketing areas. Which takes seven days. Costly it's it is like a war to spring shower and no political process some spends shown so articles. Possibly a sudden there's negative articles for seven days. Positive articles just that day as negative political dissent days those Eagles who float the idea of what we now go to school so and so it wouldn't impinges upon this bond on him battle these are belt of radiation that surround him. Long extension about treatment of two girls. And it extends about 181000 miles of wreckage and Josh articles in injured or liberal about the magnetic field. The batteries at ground level of apia. This is discriminate in 1970 knot in my current capacity and Nicholas. But Nicholson's. And astronomy in the tank. What I discovered as they not the details of Barry the the magnetic field acts upon it should treat and an opinion Oakland. I'm the amounts of poems in human brain change so every 28 days. The amount of estrogen progesterone religion guns and religion article of the follicle stimulant or a change in females. In that list you just saw that regulates such an honor. Not the minute. That could never did and they didn't because the moon rotates and IB 29 point five days on that would releasing polarization within 28 getting. Rotation the sound it does. Over game. If you worked at the sums. Clearly if the minutia rotation Richmond not a Fuller states and twelve months in therapy and Aaron as a team plays every game. On the Chinese astrological calendar changes by mr. monus nine advantage every twelve month period. So this proves to me and it's the so it was affecting Ohio home now costs I couldn't prove it on the psychological pressure speakers. Psychology British subjective and difficult court to find measure but because the whole items from the hole and cyclists are well documented. I was able to look at the the graphs there the oxygen canister and follicle stimulant Roman religion national. Against the sun's radiation. And the shouldn't happen correlation. How would Coleman's side but that. And then. When chrome failed. Just absolutely thrilled to have to work out the long term radiation from the sun and send me an extraordinary figures 3714. Years. I wanna discuss the lesser of several cycles through the sound was a fourteen day Byron cycle corresponding to the suddenly spotted several days negative. That's half or so rotation. There was a 28 day. Solar cycle positive negative positive negative press for some time certain which readiness facility. This and that court for an hour news cycle which we know it's nice to some sunspot cycle. There's a 197 news cycle and this is 3714. Years cycle where the magnitude fielder of the Netflix. So. I'm so I started to go all the information and I realized that. But there was a long term cyclic 1366040. Dies SE passes or who two years of wondering I was walking on the street employment the level and to bookshelf and into the book and an archaeological book and sent to remind us of Mexico would shoot just figure. Which is 1366. Foot six so long and ancient and 66560. Days. 520. Gangs different took a computer calculated. Figure I had it calculated currency. So it felt I was actually because what is the biggest contributor in the world. And I read that be reminded us. Regarding dishonest dishonorable especially. God of astrology and Gordon food tenancy. And they believe that the sun gone through periods in history when it on the magnetic field. I changed on the that experience catastrophes articles. Earthquakes. And tsunamis. Armenia until something's not just barely over 3740. Years. You probably heard people talk about latex. We're by this suppose it on actually. Arrives at the Regina supine media this is not a so long term variations and sunspot cycle but what happens is. Sometimes three and four years sometimes seep out of 100 years. Who happens is the sun's magnetic field clips like 45 degrees and market compass needle. Follows the sun's magnetic field. I'm that we experience of what we go to potion that Christian pro. So once I went down to Mexico. I went out the ceremonial center of her upcoming game and it Yucatan peninsula. And I looked since the the primitive inscription original limestone permit the underwriters. And around 708 today. The reason I wanted to go that was because clearly lord I Cowell. He was the leader of the matter at that time. I am used to lead. How the problem is to understand how these. All of these primitive civilizations. And assailed of them because later Marlins who investigates. The Machida Peru bingo our group the mass of Mexico the egyptians and ancient Egypt. And the Celtic people of Europe who'll work should disarm. All in these sort of regularity that attitude. And openly and tell you some articles and so. I understand clearly rattled it too primitive civilization. Could forget how this stuff without the biggest computer in the world and didn't let me one day when I was searching. The Serb. If you look at Israel. 2000 years ago. There was 100 produced miracles just as a guy who will tumble. Under healed the sick and experiments. Untenable option tour and it was a every Israeli. Group. And I realized I was making a mistake. Because lord PayPal and Harold is the Catholic order that Pascal but is it just derived from. The person who. It's the Hebrew and attack. I'm in Maryland. It was a Roman Catholic country people Boehner and out of sorts. And often and named Pascal. Because you referred to passover. Oh escalating for a statement. Okay very our holder right there armories we get a good jump in to break here will continue this conversation when we get back it's beyond me. GCG. It's. Not gonna want to discuss I just wanna invite you to stop by FaceBook. Obviously you know beyond reality radio FaceBook page makes you like that but also a stop and visit Jason's and my AM personal fan pages Jason is Jason Hawes dot taps. It's a course at FaceBook and in mind is gee Vijay paranormal also at FaceBook so stop by say hello there give those like as well right Maurice you're in the middle of and to describe his amendment was rather complicated Saunders which are picking up where you left off. So look at how it seemed to me it was very similar to that actually. The Roman Catholic weren't. For Easter. And then I started to investigate rumors. The stories I think Johnson indeed kind of mood and Judy coating process. Had to figure out. Before I could learn and I went down in template inscriptions such a load of photographs in Burlingame. And as much information isn't going to let you ain't just when working on. But lots of calculations about the planet and try to figure out how they could not about sound ignorant that monster astronomers and observers. To that extends. And it became clear that low cal was a miracle. Who. In their name look right now which seems to be telling us that. Something to do with Easter time and he's not. When I started to investigate the number of more recent six towards that so. I discovered that was encoded into the pyramid and inscriptions. Resemble no it does sound and my demise uses specific cycles determined to match each time for example ladies one day they used 28. They used. 260 days in an astrology and calendar. You aged. 37200. 844000. And on and multiples of twenty that are often. And I can understand. Why they would be using these cycles governor started decrypt the current it for example. In front of pyramid the loss of Clinton. For example the risks and trust their hat on the actual image. One of this important not to want to listen more or not this should they should they should at least certainly mr. at least at least they have raised their latest. And stuck to document every attached. And they turned it. I don't know what I did was not relevant times cycles of the minor on the top of the age that was won't. Wednesday is 6367200. Under the 44000. You bought a giant that in and so on belong on the package. And put. I'm going to walk more and more and more. Under the cycles that a stroke correspondent Leach of their lives in front of epidemic. Under the but each series weekly take all the clues are found her and it. Underneath the out. I was produced a matrix of war emblem alone and Lucic hugely race basically. Will full full full full. Overlaid on 2999 under and but then multiplied 99999. Iron on the on 216. So my question bent on T sixteen and then behind 316. Environment in Portugal that hasn't. And I came out with 136656. Under. So that included. The magnitude reversal. Of the sun into the current government is using numbers and Clinton's. Not what kind of an exiting with a secret intelligent being and I was hitting them very very special. Being in day. I went back to the resources and let everything I put about the monitor what they believed in their mythology and so I'm learning to decode. The the secret codes that you by examining what ironically amazing that it wouldn't. This is a five ton limestone or not and we're done it in the woods written books on. The spice man in the Arabic in Mexico. And it is pretty ridiculous iceberg the control of the vehicle but it is not of the council. I shut down and decided that. I how to figure out what they were trying to count as Clinton is political and request on tons limestone block contain. A lot an awful lot that are very important information and I knew I felt how to do it. So I examined it for about a year and and then I. Started to. Follow the instructions on laden that read instructions that no. Followed if you get set action for example. I prefer to copy of that it's been made of plastic surgical. Bennett made the call the plastic surgical. That includes the stones Elton John who want to go to copy on the other plastic that you make the roads and but what I started to rotate them all kinds of information started to be repealed which which explains how the universe again and what we. What kind of beings you know why we are and why would they why we don't want stability. Now the next. Cheers after that it took me years depot old released pictures in this lidge and then on camera with a book which is in the British Museum. Sunday's cold in May political and and this shows all of the secret stories when you mean the plastic copies around the top of each of the sick when you rotate. Then also just stories in which was tell us how to get to happen what happened is what Paris wanna regal wanna read on what the subsidy. It explains what the sunspot cycle as it tells us that this. Existence that we should around his house. The tells us why god is on your neighbors that tells us what happened is and how to get them and tell us how to avoid getting to handle. And it was from not once and dignity of the immaculate Berlin and I started to look at all of your mind and not about to publish their cousins. Did they will not all of them but many many of them turned out to be and I don't coal miner transformers. These are things that we can photograph of them do online or. On top of the other they turn into suit books. Did you video show and which explain the purpose of law and why riddle of why we don't want stability. So once I'm done speaker at the measurement of blanket. The instructions. They told us that look at how this gold owner but being. Brought you can go to many times you troll. I was lord Krishna all the Indians prostitution common and of rejection. I later found out surgical kingdom hall stool interest in Germany which was what she questioned by the Celtic people. He also. Into. I asked if that he's on the bullet had in that regard throughout Central America that is great Russell had. That's under. And another one I came across as he elects don't change the citizens of many videos when you're using. They send it to pictures and oldies but many of them in their thousands and many of these pictures doesn't mean you know my web silence. And pictorial fool you you see how the pictures were late if you want to prohibit the roads patent and them. They tell us the history of the will the history of the human cell and how to get the how to avoid getting to handle. It also told us that. Look metallic emblem many times people noticed look Krishna in India that that is teaching culminating. The only sick and still couldn't help not only that they'll let pets. And they'll stone price which is another blow in Mexico. But also has Buddha in Seattle and has changed grinding the leader of the Chinese China is Jesus was born around lately that he didn't. As a coach chuck ever. That stood in a group of that it means the goal of the work or indicted eight DG nine. It came back has agriculture the problems after agriculture group that not a matter that was an around eighty but could it. He came back is look they count in Mexico is a superb and I investigated. And decoded all the information world. And it came back is what you can to bring you apparently as the leader of the solution and interest that you can choose. Also had document abilities others don't you investigate each of these civilizations in and so. I can start to publish books in 1990. Would publish the mind Protestants. Which explains how the mind that understood. That we Rhode. Super human rights you can human beings. That we saw so. And how quoting and the leader of the highest look hey count as a legitimate from. The conflict the Roman Catholic that Moscow which means east in Ireland and a Catholic countries. So. Look take her out of the Murrah. It was the same time he's cute reincarnated. And based changed teachers a secret information to get this to happen under. Just to purify our own so. Narrow. There's a reason for the and a society secret. And state going to news everything. Guard is slow. But what I discriminate Wallace got kind of spontaneously grow into anything he likes that they can use all kinds of medical miracles. But goalies and Toomer again you're going digital age. And to. If you do anything except grossly going to create a mechanism to accommodate gold growth. Now god is voltage electromagnetic vibration got these lights that means says this in many. They did the situation but it religious book she's more holy people shown to the hang of actor on the parents. Okay Maurice hold on right there we go to break here by the way if you're hearing a little clicking noise that's just part of our connection Maurice is in the UK and mr. sometimes. That's the way it works but wall power through it it's beyond reality radio JC JD we've got a lot more horsepower. You know regular guests and his Maurice Conrad. During the in depth. And detailed discussion I hope you're able to fall longer if you can't good thing you need to do. Is pickup Maurice is book called. Future science. And it's forbidden signs of the 21 century it's got a lot of great information in the let's pick up with the Maurice were we left off. So. Guarded like additional tinged what was electromagnetic energy. So. He created via says that he could become. Higher voltage if you aren't so that he could do things you couldn't normally do. Growing voltage he wanted to grow the American president going to smoke so got to grow. Say from a million balls to Jim and simple this is want only people halo like to round at Augusta National revolts against the line command line means. So hopefully people a lightning bolt these leaders of these civilizations that you'd like lord Krishna. And you can comment and looking unfortunately we'll get some Bulger and change you I'm in Jesus to Brooklyn to chuck and I. They're culture look like now that you get in here you've earned several seaboard articles super girl. I'm engaged. About 1997. I wrote a vocalist who regards to the bookstore a loophole we spoke to him I am purposes. The next book was deceived us. The next book after that and I was told to go down her retirement deep throat and sent messages they sent me an opportunity. So that it went down to groom them to their coach's career. And again these are old guard in carnage in honor. Until it comes to us periodically to explains demand and how to purify aerosols and how to get together to happen. Because the week purify ourselves our voltage increase and so. So what we've done it multi just released it goes back to go out I'm going grossed. So it got stuck so you're saying. SA got in the beginning was a million bulbs. Then what happens if god wanted to grow because you're an and you couldn't do spontaneously can do anything they outgrow when he wrote this. In physics and social investigate it. So we created the physical universe to accommodate golf growth to accommodate growth and south because ball girl must look good we go to school and obviously. That's similar premise. Took on. I started the physical uniqueness. And he was sure all right let's say go root a million adults he was killed but he needed to grow because without golf growth. There could be no peace. In the interest. So what god did laws. He music you can't half anything without sacrifice you can't have growth without sacrificing and additionally in order sacrificed. Something and then you get an amateur and so go through a 100000 Paulson himself and I I just used as just an example of all levels than they could be my approval should have been meant. There. Totals they could be different levels of voltage. What we're talking head and keep the number simple message to our god in the mini game in the beginning was a million volts of lights electromagnetic energy. Go and sacrifice a hundred passable himself. Number how the big bad. Now what happens then is eight Eagles MC square at Einstein's equation. And this is garbage on the left hand side of the equation eighty million adults and introduced a 100000 most of it is on the equation. I want to just get get a big explosion. And multiplied by the speed and what he does he square and speed of my. So what happened is an attacker punished. A hundred times handles himself. It what you thought of Einstein's equation and had a big explosion which was the beginning of the physical interest and physically immigrants came into being. There won't happen at that stage who is just that god does not grow and god is going from a million balls down to 900000. Please don't ban bonus story to the end of our investigation. To what happened is. But physically and huge universe began time began defense began. My friend begun to overtake another and some events happened people other parents so what we can't is the evolution we've gotten on the permits and starts. So like beacons on the on the start which came from the original 100000 adults. And Omaha in its. Because what many. Agree we're real palpable tension. You know would we get from and it's week. People remembered that my I'll moralists and credit where credit loads and personal preaches chimpanzees. The human beings. I was able to hold these gross gross gross become normal intelligence. Parents. What happens days weren't waiting and let go through what is voltage. Haven't explained that she she didn't. And as that is very difficult to explain exactly what's going on letting go through ways opens the physical universe speak. And again and I'm human beings to vomit and then. When human beings love each other. That voltage grows under voltage increases. And they get a halo around that had electoral record energy line. If we hate each other than novelties goes down. Now when the cell leafs have bought in it was a high voltage so it goes back to golf so let's say that they be Stossel. Follicles in the beginning. I'm because it loves everything in life look so people and all are reluctant to let it slow which goes on to say thousands. And when he dies a thousand votes showed stroked it creates a halo around his hat halo lines. Where nobody dies that thousand volts goes back to golf should go group by a thousand balls. So go to something Friday's energy through an arms. And this is what the purpose of the human race and it's no living thing in the industry chain the hierarchy. Every single creature and is so. Our web and they are the result gets brighter what we hate each other's shoulders less than what we ring Conn rankings combined it's a lesser species. And we go back to go to Q a on the boat include criminal legal we have to start again to increase in Google and. Okay hold on to their memories again we get a jump in to break here we've we've only scratched the surface folks is a lot more to talk about so don't go away. It's beyond reality radio I don't forget tomorrow night we've got a best of program Monday we come back with doctor Michael Lennox Suzy dream interpreter. And that's always a great topic so you'll want to prepare your discussions for Michael. Get the phone number 8446877669. And will be able to work at the polls from the program. Analysts and dreams it's beyond reality radio so much more to come. Hello everybody at. Thursday on the West Coast Friday on the East Coast in many were stuck in between welcome to be unreal. Later radio myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome Jamey Johnson. So our guess is Maurice Conroe we've really dug in deep here we're gonna continue the conversation similar Maurice just pick it up because son he's I he's got a line of of presentation that it no one in erupt so Marreese just take it from where you left off. So. Won't sign it begun to understand. How has some talent. There attitude has brought some encouragement. She's revenue. Audition happened on his son. And this is why the Egyptian social pushing civilizations. And the egyptians. The Peruvians. And the the Celtic people had to Celtic cross assists on the ancient Chinese. From the faster time to understand Brad about 200 BC. Oh of these civilizations. Worship the sun so much in civilization. Unser and they believed that the sun was car which was voltage. Huddle is night and principles that you are acknowledging we used. We can play through. So all of these civilizations understood that they understood that violent here and give up Nate and I hope to grows. So horrible to grow as we love each other on the get a high and so we get a a real lines around and had read them all to join groans when we love each of them. If we can teach and a double to goes down and we had a good enough penalties than to leave via. When. Good body dies and the soul reachable the ball. So if we love each and I'll hold it grows we get ahead and apply to around our heads. And then when the soul leaves the body if this all to just kind of goes back to go out and additional China becomes part to a tournament chances glorification. On one side and established mechanism I started her on a whole series of books. From. The Mayan prophecies that was in 1990 courage. Then let onto the super dogs and a red eyes of the leaders of Italy's ancient so much civilization. Like little Krishna. And common. Go to. Jesus all these people how it was around. There and pregnant and these rules. Sleeper gulls that I've called leaders come to periodically. It teaches his knowledge and indeed it hard and Cody and expresses so that other people can't figure out. Well the good people and figure out how to decrypt the stuff. When does the long he's multi grows they get out hey they develop a horrible so so where they aren't this all goes back to college. And god gets bigger Wednesday they'll eventually got gets bigger and bigger and bigger and get bigger than the millennium goals started upgraded. And this is how the universe grows and as a result. This hula in the universe so god gets bigger and bigger and bigger and people just come back over and over again in different civilizations. None. Let's say from not I wrote a whole series of books and they roll top ten list not only in the UK. That in in twenty languages around the world number twenty. I'm these were started off with a minute proposition and then it went on to see Google labs I refer at least teaches disagree teaches. God he comes down to two and have periodically. She is stuff. That Lisa. In 1997. Then in 99 I published a book on the computer culture. This is the sun goes through her culture under China and technical. Then after the not after the crew I went to. China and shinji hiring date deleted the Chinese. He was also sued Google one of these beings called in colonies and a and he you do pyramids Ichiro and Google that its origins treasures collection civilizations like host city. Kick around adults get to happen in order to enable Goldberg. After the the united national. Portal shall. Two loss to the agriculture. That's what I wrote a book and she and indeed the leader of the Chinese around 200 page saying. I wanted to Celtic chronicles. The Celtic people wish this on the the Celtic cross isn't. It's a symbol of the magnetic structure of the sun the circle lacrosse in the middle chose a format the details on some senators. And again in the Celtic people. What should college. And the good lord what happened and the problems come back from being carnage over and over again. The soul comes back and read and it's some of the people around 300000 years old and so it is. It's like being in great intent. When you start when human to want to increase is so what is written in the garden and your name. And this is what the suit goes teaches. People like Jesus and locating Al leader of the minor change in granting the leader of the Chinese they're good customer the leader of the interest. And so they beat the timing is it if you love your neighbor. You'll still multi in sound it will grow. Negotiate with our old and a dramatic energy energy we don't logos of voltage untouched to applauding inside. The blue room now. If we take another look at why they. I wanna be able to agent. Don't forget all the religions show the soul as a hate two lines around Paris because that's what we all. We are human beings electromagnetic energy and we don't call garbage vibration voltage. God isn't valuable rarely on six well we are part of a what happens is gonna spend an open come together and it human gluten. The cells begin to be gone. But. What we know is that. Through genetic engineering is that the cells will unite and should put a voltage across designed to reduce the spends on the act. When you put it voltage across design that refused to spin on chromosomes. That this male chromosomes and female chromosomes together. And any style self generating its own managing. The natural is on goes and it touches of the war the blue in the treatment and it starts to grow a record nine months and bigger and bigger and bigger. Now the stage. As our coach is still. Physical. And Tuesday less than design goes is gone well there's not a result but still I'm still does I don't obstacle to growth in the sales. It in the blue glasses on don't smoke cigars currencies so as to Aso the sixties or is that he sells and so the voltage of the physical body the body and it's bigger and bigger and bigger cars and houses and voltage grows. It just gives thanks for trucks and voltage from the golf. So that's going to happen now he's not a 100000 barrels positive. These the electromagnetic energy in the physically and don't forget went from the positive signs. Our Einstein's equation equals MC square. On the positive side of one million adults across Einstein's equation. To the physical side of the equation. He's six square. The blood not mean it is. The voltage can be anything from one sided equation the other and negative. So in the beginning god was in a million calls for example. And go to want to grow smoke or is mullah. Is a vibration. But god couldn't grow spontaneously this is what the script just how it is so you had to throw up this year himself away. Nobody took it himself why the 100000 bottles exploded into a big time. I'm the on an older sons in the stones created. Then on began to want to not. The artists and stars turned against the billions of years. The gorgeous receipt on the on the and the drug influenced them after the war and went to good I felt more relaxed style city. Need I I'm. Chimpanzees come alone on the organism gets bigger and bigger and bigger. So the voltage of the organism gets greater and bigger bag and eventually non current or is he used the maximum voltage as a person infants. So what happens is if unable to find adults and I love that line voltage grows. And it might voltage eskolaste because like it or the model ditched class. What about dangers were model displacement voting. Ignited growth and my halo mining and dramatic energy may have grown from finals and I was born on god and luck here and other. Neighborhoods were from Google's so what I do I go back to god and god gets bigger and he's not 100100. Miles good when I die I go back to go. So this'll go out every human beings Goldman's. And the body is made a comment on the common and the six electoral such programs. And six mutual. So what that means it's. The body is the devils 666 just when it comes with a and so these lights and reluctant to get the voltage NASCAR and so the solar type two of the great day when the multi bit you know on the tune with some different guy and he's just cool and it does maybe court ruled it drags down. Sold a piece of got drugs Favre also got rivals positive at the finals prosecuted. Stick to the finals negative the debate. So you have a human being which is there rubles out last responding to mr. So the baby grows up if he loves its neighbor. Then he sold his growth given to handle it just happened as it goes back to go to the race got the result is bound to her speak that. And then what happens is able to skate they ask my particular gravitational field any uncertainty is like a circle back is a loaded low voltage body. Perhaps as a strong. Our world and an osu and not having a viable human becomes out of the hospital and had to. So happens that and is that they profitable worm and it loves his fellow worms is Ortiz gross and start it all up the chain and the electromagnetic change. Until it becomes a human being governor Jon Stewart and again and so this mechanism on her which culminates called growth. As golden as golden gardens look so look dismal but told to go out. Growth spontaneously. So he's easy to put together this mechanism of the universe and climate and the people. So he could surely rise voltage. Inside human beings and human beings who lobby that generate local did you. And golf grows as a consequence which means the universe contains more love. And so the address that it could go on for everything and so what we find is because. We are on the left hand side of Einstein's equation the negatives. Go based on the principles. We are minus 100000 calls we all music go. So the human body and everything union address which is critical is that apple. 666 the number of the bridge that's where it comes from the article. We are ruled. Based on the continent and the body and the soul on to other and senate. Server. So posted may be you know in the room what was his multi reaches a threshold voltage of about articles is shuts down another title to go out and becomes what we call it human being. With no balls marbles positive but it's it is zero so redundant shocks of the younger. So that's what revolt and and this historic decent but guards Jesus was a student got. Lord Christian receiver got it may come down every opportunity synagogues salesman. They come down to every few hundred years. Teacher and time and we love each other Lugo to happen. In a military knowledge available to growers got to go back to happen gonna get bigger and the intestines and mullah. We hate each other problem scrolls we come back as it were similar dog she's the reincarnation now opposites but based in religions. And so that we are and a bastion of 100000 yeah is going up and down to a different creatures and Colombo which gets another chance at purification. So. That is seen in a nutshell is a mechanism. How called controls unit are now content. Maurice that it is. You've just outlined for us basically the answer to every mystical questioned. Ever asked by men. Since the beginning of time. I mean it's it's no sure it's no short of that. And with the let's let's go to break it's beyond reality radio Jason and javy we've got a lot more to talk about what Marie Scott Burrell. Here on the programs don't go away. Remember that tomorrow night is a best of program and then Monday night doctor Michael let next joins us he's a dream interpreter will be discussing dreams were and what they mean it's always a very very fascinating topic. Tuesday Douglas Robinson who's an internationally recognized author he has a scam pure books series. Called silently. We'll be talking about that in about vampires and people who consider themselves vampires. And then Wednesday night Israel. Ira Israel who is a psychotherapist and an author will be talking about his book how to survive your childhood. Now the junior you're an adult that's all coming up on beyond reality radio in the coming days sweet. Love having you around don't go away most mornings. It's my best moves the. Irises as a senate for a to break you really putting things into perspective. That answers so many. Of life's mysteries I mean really defines everything that we exist for. But it's incredibly digital ones to look at the mechanism. It's just opposite of wrongful went through in the standings what does she say that reality. And human beings a lot greetings I touched. Two carbon. I'm we love each other than Campbell just goes up increase hides usually around voltage goes down. And once you put it in terms like not a all of the seat that got us I documented than. In. You know been on in south in the book called the secret codes only spoke so when you languages around the world in Chinese and you name it he's posted her round. I'm dinner. When you look at all of being the super college as a single Christian campus 1000 segment decreased. Then Christian means the Christ's. I'm. If you petition congress come next month passenger in the industry agrees that aren't on that means some of golf. I'm dinner again it was a miracle amicable of recent go to Merkel makers but if you guys are thinking of hunched over the hills. He. The Celtic people what should the Celtic cross which is in my tactic representation of the suns. Magnetic fields the bubbles that matters is himself on the whole democracy fails. And then stepped up and Camille is Central America league that some not so thanks that's the only chance. And they Wear helmets and surely seeing earth that must. And they are about 8200. Deficit into a you know after the birth of Christ. London. Do the best Ol mix doesn't heist film expert about 15100 yes and let's spread. The festival Blackstone participated about fun and be safe now. What you'll do is you can look at my lips so you'll see uncle of mine from school and gold of these focused on the job just told you. Was left behind it pictures. Because it is the speaker has and those they left behind him video productions. All of these video productions can be seen on my website the ruling MacBooks. If you go to my website and just me on the page you'll see if you decode. The coffin lay low paying capital. It transforms into a hundred different stories rejects splash came wanna reboot and why we don't want to yesterday. Explains what got these companies were managed. But this deserted the good people is not about people and this is what secrets in this Schwartz encoded. I will sadly we haven't of the brick at stake here mobile pick it up from the effects on the. Reason for existence. A life. And Maurice you've kind of you've you've you've defined us in terms of electricity. By nature we don't voltage. Godly voltage goddess voltage go to these millions of pills. Where about tribal so whatever for a good chemical and we're on the bulls were we down and this is why good people German lines radiating from the list. I though because we are. Energetic being group we don't multi touch took a physical bodies seventy years or thereabouts. The not to Buddha. Once we started investigating all of these engines some residents of the actions these are the ones that tell us that left only mentioned behind. Jesus coming back over and over again different galleries news. After the but it change in GMT. Which is about 220 BC in China is the dragon which is our main. And he would find is that sent. Jesus. Click all of these super God's own hosted regards. To perform miracles because of a line beings a look at came down to us with a halo on it not armed. Didn't do anything they could create not to destroy Marisa they can perform miracles. They could this is just like Jesus keeps coming back it's different you've forgotten over and over again. He's a salesman and recruitment drive and each on it but it takes a good souls and her idol so those would launch. Coming from and it would electromagnetic energy radiating from that had those with a high. Go back to haven't backed. Oh god that increased our everlasting page those who aren't good in this life time casualties goes down because they had to each other. They combat lesser species in the in the evolution chain. Crude climbs to the assistant chimpanzees to remember so that'll get threatened stronger and stronger signal. And eventually lead him into doing and then we stopped again and it all comes down to spiritual how the law is sorry I love you and you look me. Well so they find that yea I'm Michael Gross and I go back to go. Because I can escape the gravitational Alina. My sole result solo to escape you know. If I hate you in my voltage goes down. So when I don't I can't combat as an. Going to happen so why not just combined sales of two evils so to combat and I took out that review the bidding. So what it's Ramadan is the flower releases its results edged the bubble of electromagnetic energy attached to the so the plan and plumber about to solicit three. Entity and the list that is the basic guidelines welcome back as a vocal and eventually come back again as a human. And human lobby so they are let you hear that give me. Then I'll voltage grossed. I'm not go to grow as we can escape the gravitational. Columbia. And we would go back to go to create or patent an eternal bliss impeached we were to combat these endless articles group. So Maurice I have to I have to interrupt because I mean I have so many questions and done. We're gonna run out of time quickly. But it. And try to break these down and and hopefully get some quick answers just to clarify some of the things that you said. So what you're telling us. Creationism. And evolution coexist. In evolution is a mechanism by which god. Expands himself. A stronger growth. And he said that god is the sign. Which. Is one of the reasons then and something that the ancients had it right when they were worshipping the sign and we've we've kind of put different names and faces on god. But really dishonest the source of. God. The son wants also got through billions of son's okay so. That spread about all over the universe and all this is going on in congress. Now let me guy of course our souls some of console. Equipped fortunate go back to golf travel lasting place because there and how many regular but it vibration. The goal here is sure like to let medica corporation. On if we don't live on then doubled his cool during a lot on some of combat is a creature. A low voltage lizards are vulnerable as well I never have to help. Hundreds and thousands it is an honor and eagle thing into huddles screech like him and bing but every single thing living thing has voltage. Hang two but it should trail flower human being imposing. He's just the voltage isn't big enough since. Escape from this gravitational field until it reached this threshold voltage but let's say for example under the symbol of. Let me just interrupt here so every. Every. Living organism that has a birth of some sort whether it's a bit of birth that we understand as a as a human and animal birth or a plant or doesn't matter what it is. The active of that living being coming into existence. Takes a piece of gods and as you use voltage from god. Exactly two to give it its quote unquote soul. On it has that sold that sold grows through an evolutionary change over time. On what happens to that Seoul on death he said it goes back to guided it is if if if it's good if it escapes a gravitational pull the earth it goes back to god it makes got bigger but does that soul. Remained. In someway a representation of that living creature that it was it in the human that it was. It's an interesting question I'm going to think of them as bubbles of god like soap bubbles so. Let me go back to god god grossing voltage symbol of the smoke at a moment comes gotta love will. The Scottish Malone. Just got is allowed to sit vibration and think vibration. If we're in trouble too as we don't love each other and a double edged console doesn't grow on and a and so we come back to ring on to get this settled another opportunity so let's I don't. Let's assume I'm fortunate enough and I've lived the life. Good enough that I upon my death my soul might voltage returns to god what I remain with god or do I eight. This for two years and just become part of god. You can remain regardless of Q&A and Centanni suit us as a bubble of electromagnetic energy. When the issue and stay on the sun. Because god is the sun god is electromagnetic energy commodities and nuclear furnace. Lowell to combat and to go to work you could combat and been to sign into line. Super got a cooler when now but does it also gives you ability to start the whole process over again if that's what you choose to do across you know we've we're headed if I look you model goes up. I hate you Michael you're down. So explain how gravity. Plays a role in this because you said if you know if you have enough. Quote unquote voltage. If you've lived a good enough life of loss. You can escape the Earth's gravitational pull and rejoin god on the signers part of the sun and how does gravity. That divine connection. Gravitated. Tracks Massa. Which is a common touch and an account and to the six electrons and protons is that mutual funds lost 666 amounted based. So the big week the solely inside a body the body is the death. So insiders got. So we're. We'll we're continually pull. One direction and not a soul cigar in one direction but nobody wants to hop physical pleasure and direction. So. Well we're in how this is how monitor is how. Bowler and Ohio. The way to escape is to love our neighbor and then we'll go back to go. But if we'd. Don't live on eight and a novel is truthful or Manama. And she leaves our body when the so Lee's ability it is it's reduced from bottles of vulnerable it will not hot enough voltage is kick the gravitational pull the so it will come back as a rubles so maybe it listens. And every human being and he's been so their luggage and are able to grow as and so we escaped mental together. But didn't you and they didn't you say in the beginning we're talking that where we are now is purgatory. It is good pitcher and because if you imagine it Senna. Well it's like a front story. I'm urgency is like the reception area and the beginning of the factory when you try to do a couple of good reception they don't let you end to the contrary proposals in various reasons. So good to train its reception area of hell and hell itself as the factory which is held. So well let me ask you this then where do you stand on ghosts and spirits when somebody passes away and and they're still around they're still there on a location. Where they hate. That all around us right now they didn't have enough voltage to escape from the and that vibration such political fund ability. Correct body are charged Jason have to wait for the right conditions to them and so it is certainly stuck and held them. Not necessarily. If you chicken men and female they created three that's the fetus. Let's say the fetus is a half of the old body because there are people sells about chromosomes and even hospital. Signed coached and angst is only hospital. Hobbled well designed go to tracks only half of all from go out. So that's still attached that's cold it put full tour in nine separate articles. The book put forth organized have a final body when it's time to point to a foreigner instead of articles salt and promote the interest. Oh or media around it's a solar touched the body. And and that sold becoming human being number one export hotline at the sold loans under the so issuable to grow. It got so haste the people syllables Drupal. So sells a loved each other airlines owner is that so little time. We're going to happen to be with don't. And souls are not loved each other. Conan will come back as a national huge he's huge again and so Rhonda for the sins they commit in the previous month. We're not living previous. This is like the previous line. When we talk about. Religions as defined by men there are many different. Religions. Different beliefs. Different representatives of those religions often there and odds are war with one another 41 reason I'm in north look for far to see evidence of that. But your sang that it's all. The same com it's all coming from the same place. God is in is is this energy and it is one god. And all of those represented is which you've called super God's. Really the same beings are just coming in different forms in different times. But offering essentially the same message. Exactly I call them super guards are not in 1997 era to go clueless sheep goats I identified. Well since then eventually it 2406. Donated and proceeds go to altogether that came to a to teach mankind that you is about reality. That we are living beings aren't anxious that we are electromagnetic migration my lines we a lot of things going his life and direct collaboration. It was a million bottles through way in the beginning. A 100000 volts. 100000 girls went across Einstein's equation the sign of the voltage changed positive voltage to negative. 200000 positive Eagles beat him on the thousand pupils. Negative voltage is opposite gul. So it is is how. There we had a Big Bang the negative voltage tendons Connors those trees human beings animals and so on and love each other problem to grow. And it's pretty high teacher. Apple has done is we love each other. And apple grows we get halo around us were we down the voltage has enough impetus to leave uploaded to leave the planet and go back to go. And happens. If we hate each other novelty doesn't grow on there so we come back as a lesser species. And on similar or whatever it gives us more time troubles staggering the China and. So you found it in everything you've told us tonight here on you've you fun basically across the lines of religion. Of science. Of all sorts of somewhat third rails topics through. Let me guess is the reason for murder respectful area what do you safe to the people that. I'd say the your you're reaching your reaching for. For these things instead of and it because it's it's really it's it's all there it's still it's awfully tough to understand it's tossed weekend and I'm sure you strain your entire life and dealing with this but. If you're imaginary. If you picked up simply don't know back. Like China and give an opinion when you about it. Not just so you so is a currency and the policy. So. You know what is the dazzle your social. Lines radiating lines these wind and religious pictures only people but show me. Like to romance. That there should show up bulge is increased and bibles 2000 ovals. So when they died a thousand balls a line goes back to go out and garbage malign would you open it. So. I don't see conflict and any of the models. Let's identify and it's a beautiful mechanism as long as we love each other than Al voltage goes up and they hate each other problems goes down so those who. Lovie should leader to have you received more than it. It seems to explain a lot of things I mean that the way you've defined and described it seems to make sense of a lot of things that we would have questions about otherwise. Again my question goes back to what the communities that you touch upon think about this way have you have you had. Any reaction from religious communities would be on the east theories and have you had any reaction from the scientific community and these leaders. I've had lots of reaction because all of my vote. Maybe that's the UK top ten on the translated into and twenty languages. So lots of reaction and feedback. It's very difficult because it's. Buddhist you want to big artists Christians mostly Christians have been right. And he's going to be ten days and they don't see themselves as a sign electromagnetic energy that see themselves as well it's. Garbage voltage high voltage we've got 900000 girls in the physical world number 200000 calls through life it through and patience now. So. The religions. Are older from branches of the century. But they'll. Value their independence they won't be seen as different but they're exactly the same and they all believe that to decide. Once saw Arnold is it. At first you think that the use it to program now they're actually it's saying that there is concurrence in the of the religious teachings that you know we're in how this is how yeah. More you've done you've done some fascinating work here and there's there's a list of things that we wanted to get to and unfortunately we just running out of time we won't be able to. Are we gonna have to have you back on to talk about exists and the other topics some more. But I'd quickly here because we do have to do we do have to let you go let people know where they can get more information about your books and all of your work. I didn't go to our website www. Maurice cultural dot com UNESCO all of the books on it's got. It's got me pictures animations of that re encoded into these treasures religious artifacts behind these religious leaders. Which article super goats and I'm referring to Christian teaching common. King cross took so long border Jesus. These knuckles he forgot to get into to show man on the way but the knowledge secret custody secret because of his policy Google it will become engaged. So. If you look at my website you'll see somebody's uncle and minor transformers because it might want to go more than the others. And transform into many many pictures when you once you go. Jamaica red carpet in plastic particular coverage until the bridge at the start spin and a staunch released British leader preaches. You can see the baby is it that your commitment to the. So once our what's our listeners go to your website and start to look at this information where do you recommend they start in terms of your books which ones the first one nation they should read. Wow that's a good question. Depends how much time ago. I didn't know you've got to put an appendix in so that allow you to read previous spoke to catch up. So it would the last. She signs which sounds cruel potluck dish and they can read future science and catch ability of the book separate. So you don't have to buy notably the books I thought it was a bit of a ripple. Try to judge people broke bloke but I could have precise content. A section in the new vote Obama speak on the important second disarm so. But what I recommended. That day is that they are just didn't look to ensure that they can on that article be chief science. From my website because I don't so anywhere else. Because. This is the so where I'd prefer it to be. And then. They can I judge for themselves. The secret teachings based and very sacred teachings and secret teachings is not for everybody. Labeled as just kind of you begin to radiate electromagnetic energy lines so I'm loving each other a voltage you know so. So. As a side if you wanted to run to speak and I were clearly recommend the latest book she signs have been signs of the 21 century. And now we'll explain what god isn't always who haven't has not yet happened so. Maurice thank you so much for coming analyst tonight and legacy we barely scratched the surface here we have to have you on again at some point. Circuit camera person. But you will be back to wrap things up just. Bring him back. Here tomorrow night's best we got a great lineup of shows next week Amaechi join us it's beyond reality radio Jason JP and. And don't know ingredients taste good Jason thanks GB Jackson introduced by Al Susan Johnson insisted it's any great. The only angry news soon. Yeah you never stopped going to finish in the agency hello and anything sent inspectors will Jason host an actress and host doctor first TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.