Married couples were asked what annoys them the most about their spouse...what was the most common answer ?

Tuesday, February 27th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W more like 730 time for the but gone according to Jim and Terry brain string questioned your answer take it 664. One got a Ford I knew what a quick trip gift card all this week when you're correct greens drain answer. Which could come in handy if this question which you were in trouble something delicious to go from quick trip. Question this morning we asked married couples all watch out as married couples what annoys them the most. About their spot so the answer if you hit her peak and six explore. 194 not a good luck from Jimmy Jerry WO Alex good morning W only. Mainstream X 69 point nine million lives when. What do you think the answer is yes there are people who was the most adult game. Can't put themselves. That. They don't listen up. July home are you married. That is the correct answer really narrowed. It. They don't always this election they call it selective here I would lie to you don't do one thing at a time so you nailed it right on the box here. School you and well. Is it sugar watch. Seeing a sports on TV and maybe eat like reading the paper on your Tancredo or you know they actually newspaper magazine or some group. If your wife then tries to talk to you that's three things are trying to do a one time in that's like two things too many. Right yeah that's just eighteen I just at my house but. Yeah you can do great sport and I'm. If you don't. Which she actually said hey you're not listening to me. Honey sorry. Should stick to going to court ordered thirty years all. I can. The nice so it sort of important to. The. Didn't cause any trouble at home really discouraging answer all the lives of. He's only heard a quick trip saying good idea yeah. Do you. All these 225 dollar quick trip you can go to London. And Elizabeth I don't see any store. Yeah if anybody does have one of those under that's all we need really into her book I did that there's still has to. They really do mean what's your name written that all right guys. And so her brains dream Brittany Jackson's family.