A majority of adult will lie to their relatives to avoid this during the holiday season. Avoisd what?

Thursday, November 16th


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It's time for the classic hits 94 point nine W Alexa world famous green street questioned. Let's look on the morning timid Gerri ticket your answer at 6641949. Question this morning veteran holiday season approaching rapidly. The majority of adults had actually lied to. To their relatives to avoid this if it during the holidays lion of the relatives about to avoid this. Where now these Collison 6641. Report I'd answer correctly when it Dunkin' Donuts gift card to. Was point five dollars of Dunkin' Donuts and coffee we are not helping you. Fast for the Thanksgiving feast of an awesome prize fight that'd be all right spot good luck anyway regarding W Alex green stream your first title. Are under pretty good but it. Is coming up in here come the relatives and the way the majority of adults and and lied. And until relatives to avoid this during the holidays what are they lied about it. Witnessed walker broke dishwashers brought it you know in addition. He had the. Now that would mean no party off at my house party by and a half you're out of here. They don't illustrates straight majority of adults have lied to relatives during the holiday season to avoid this. I have a sick. Well referendum not hospital. Poodles. Aren't normal all that's he would tell you have a sick friend I'll go with this and I meant it feeling blue yeah I have. Since an idea can. Not if but a good idea for those all these kids this is Jim you're looking for ideas are not a lot not aqaba and majority of necessary. LOR or you're all right excellent what any agent has blessed him this morning and adults majority of adults have lied to. During the qualities to relatives to avoid this. But boy dredging sand that they don't drink anymore. It's a lot. They're good just not that's a great gas. The majority of adults of a lie they have lied to relatives during the holidays if they wanna avoid this. Money it paid our debt. Enough debt Sparage. That's a good line and study the nest. And I sense and I did what I what do you think did his brain strain majority of adults have lied. To relatives during the holidays to avoid this. And there how staying at their house your hidden here on the right. You know actually been with anybody at their out non meaning in their home. Not stay in old. Mean yeah. You know LL OW unless green street glad you called yet though like make it yet. We would like you do I'm gonna say they are there any excuse they have to work in the morning don't work. Over ninety. The only rule here in other great. Yeah I think she was writing these down and so he's got all these excuses when you need them. Down Jim Jim I have a good time over the holidays noncallable. That's not the answer decided he that's a great answer now hot hot hot past that your efforts here already and 066. Or more item or a majority of adults have lied to relatives during the holidays is to avoid that. It's. Good we. I exactly and until little slick he's a little asleep. Is that it cat. Honestly about on Hyderabad the it. And so what else can have their benefit. To the right colors yeah it is they they they lied to avoid uncomfortable sleeping situation that's fine wanna give up. There's a funny scene in one odds died Christmas vacation with Jimmy teaspoons. They have delayed sleep with relatives and so I don't yeah. Actually it might little three year old nephew is one thing by half a little off with your. Fifty year old uncles and does particularly well at all hold dear with a question. Gregor.