LISTEN: Wisconsin Police Raise the Bar on the National Lip-Sync Challenge

Monday, July 16th

LISTEN: Wisconsin Police Raise the Bar on the National Lip-Sync Challenge, Jim & Teri Share What has Everyone Talking about It

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News here classic kids and I need more point nine WOLX. I was just lip syncing along with that song. Jim because I think we all know most of the words of that songs such greats less. You don't want me to sing too but here's what's happening now there is any lip sync battle under way between police departments across the country. And this has really taken off and many of the departments getting involved say. For damage just a way to show the public. They're human. And they can have a little fun even though their jobs are only serious taken a little fun while there cruised around on patrol. She know what happened over the weekend they'll find a lack. Police department to close to a whole new level because instead of lip syncing they said forget that. We wanna do a song we actually went saying. So Jim I think we we found the audio proof that this is fond of Fonda last police closer to hold him in and out on some we have money we wouldn't have become the movement that was pivotal listen. I know that. Some aren't clever right. I don't get it and it just like that. Let's. Pull the whole thing a couple of actually pretty dead end and our parts I agree on yet and it's. I don't know but he knows. Don't know it doesn't let me and I hope that. Gil and Michael that is an awesome movie and if it. You ever seen tiger is around. I rating right. Happy. Pseudo criminal and now it's. Time not a secret trials. No you gardening and don't don't you say. And that. Plavix not in. Latest polling U mass you know what do you think he power moving me behind me. But you can't ever still. They don't man. And me. Cain. Yeah me. So they have definitely over the Yankees. Cam yeah. Wow OK so that was an end Eric Foster I'll find a lack. Way to go guy is hard act to follow there Obama I guess and guess what they're challenging the bond elected county sheriffs to. Department at Appleton police and now. Do their own Brando no one lip syncing but actually seeing me. Nice.