LISTEN: Wine in a Can. Jim & Teri talk about the Trend & Why it still has some Whining about it

Thursday, August 16th

LISTEN:  Wine in a Can? Jim & Teri talk about the Trend & Why it still has some Whining about it

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These kids ready for 300 beautiful and happy Thursday everybody one day closer to Friday Jimmy moment. I'm a OK we mentioned this earlier there's a new study out to. About one mean not whine as in like we'd like to whine about stuff now this is actually the south that helps you hopefully stop wine mean. Lying. Heidi drink viewers to him on like you know they say. Anchored it's a gender thing angered meant I didn't like the the the red ones on the central men like the reds look like the white I'd like a good read. I'd like I like what you're thing and now and then how about you prefer it. Out of a certain type of contained her. Against mention your I prefer free stuff. Experimental. Yes just good legal applying the containers irrelevant. I remember years ago how people used to laugh at somebody brought a boxed wine to a party. McCain came in Karina boxed wine because I think people always hot and that's probably cheapen Thad. Now it turns out it's. In these current times. Boxed wine and can't whine. Consumption when he up to him. By 43%. This summer over last summer camps and in particular thing lying. In hand and has really grown that people are saying. I don't even care I don't care it's a boxed wine I don't care it's canned line. Give me the wine I want to drink it just give me why now. She got it. Jalen high. Note came in team that was familiar with the Botswana and think it was any less of of one at all no will be Rican Dominican Jim's comments who tastes why in my party here and yeah. Ayers at the container. And it's free for you can. Affect.