LISTEN: Skinny Jeans? Hoodies? When do Men Dress for Their Age?

Monday, September 10th

LISTEN:  Skinny Jeans? Hoodies? When do men start dressing for their age? The results of a new survey are in, and the findings are pretty funny.

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I'm not I think I think we're on a roll to him. I ain't missing you and all that song right there in some women may be thinking right now when they think about the clothes. Their husband or boyfriend or ex used to where he adds there is and you serve now where. And the question is when men start dressing appropriately. For their age. Jim according to this new survey the answer is. Never. Good so there is no well I'm really not researchers finding most men never have a moment when they feel like well things like skinny jeans. Actually stop looking good. It's in the top. Football jerseys where arena have asked the words yes this whole study is saying these are all things and after. A certain age may be guy shouldn't wait here I I don't know about that night I feel about that Terry I if you ask that they studied men between the ages of 55 and 85. And found most of the the guy is never have a moment where they are looking to Mir and say. Site I looked good today and dressing too young. Most refused to believe that things like apology on ten issues skinny jeans. Who woody is. And speaking of time Jim's very rowdy as acute new woody and Salmonella is a warm to each other's rooms sometimes we knew that I get your foods like a freezer can be hit and yeah. Let them over the ability all I don't know I don't I don't think. An age difference on what you Wear should make a difference do you think stare obviously your way nobody today and in the start let's let's get. Don't be where nobody after the age of that designs like hello Katie sure is hook it I would look at Boris you weary of hearing about kitty insert yeah yeah I was about those rock concert TDs I love those. Those kids he seemed. Crowley all of the list is known I was but who cares on the case area break the rules GM shrewd freedom. Action warrior you out.