LISTEN: Paulpalooza. Why the life of 15 year old Paul Natzke is being Celebrated

Thursday, August 16th

LISTEN: Paulpalooza. Why the life of 15 year old Paul Natzke is being Celebrated

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You're listening to weekend perspective I'm Terry Barr and joining us in studio is caffeine asking a cat he's a mom. But she's also become quite an organizer in its mall. In honor of her son Paul Kathy thanks for being here thanks for having me wanna ask you first of all the describes Paula a little bit to what's. Paul is a great kid he was born I was trying to put out which was a bit of a surprise for us. But he and he had I don't even know how many surgeries in his short life but. Thirty or more. And he never let any of his of his. Issues I guess now slime down he just TE played hockey is lamb he. Raised in track. He did everything. And he never complain about it for one minute. Only cash. We go home and fortunately Darren. Life expectancy and can be difficult but. What I'm understanding is this young man who passed away when he he was fifteen touched the lives. Of so many people in just fifteen she or he said he did indeed how did he do. Not entirely sure. Just a lot I know. Dolly it was quite often in fact we ran into people and they would take my eyes and Paulino who they are. And I didn't op and he you know he had red hair and I think people just he has to military and I think people just remembered him and his. His smile on his personality he's cute to you I'm I'm losing it. Cutie cutie. Still on the yeah unfortunately heat he passed away last year. In August. But I love what you did on his birthday in December you decided to throw a party. Out of aboriginal party. Because the polls party. And what it was for the kindness campaign. We decided to ask people to do something nice for the world whether it's. Something as simple as hold the door open for somebody or carry a package into the house or. You know buys something for somebody who couldn't afford it pay for the lady in front of the escrow Shreve. Make blankets we had down Paul's aunt made blankets for. A bunch of our friends in Mexico who didn't have anything like it just. It it kind of snowballed and we asked them not only to do nice things but if they could to come and tell us about it so that. We could kinda feel good about. And. It was really really powerful it workers it did. Kindness it can more oh my gosh. So you moved from that it's chewed the idea. Of I love the name. Paul pull lose Paul police yes. How did you get to that from the party that you did for kindness to realizing. We can do something even bigger well. All of this is a defense mechanism for us. It's maybe a little selfish but now so Paul party was cool and on Mother's Day we realized whom. Father's Day is going to be hockey and it's the anniversary opposed NAFTA is going to be yucky so how could we do something that would celebrate him. Instead of just being really sad. Ian and so we came up your idea of of having an actual party not to divert to a party 'cause because post party had continued it wasn't just like for his birthday we kind of you know. We continued it and people kept in cook things nice so we thought let's have a real party let's have a music festival and data. The key thing worked so let's have oppose us so we called it or lose and we asked we we had been we had been watching the project damn. Contest is demands. We can about why don't these kids awesome what do you. Invite them and we have a couple other friends that you know it's you know wait they said yes they did they said what did you think I'll answer idea. I. Yeah anywhere shock Nolan said no to me and I had asked. I've probably had apps expands and then a couple others came to me and said hey can we play two and actually having it ends. Booked for one day. Apocalypse at Madison feel. It's humbling. It's really great. We'll let you know it's music. Was also part of something that he loved and I can tell that you love music as well you have so how does this kind of tie in to the whole idea of you know honoring Paul with this great festival. And in his name I I can't I would love to say it over and over popped loose. It's such a great raining. What does that mean and it's cooler it's just really cool its foreign policy of fighting kids though it just seems it seems right for him. He you know he is a fan of his fan of eighties music as well as well not a fan of you know cannot. Pop tart pretty girl music game and he just he just loved it all cell. We used to go to America spoke realize you know assists. It's him it's what he would love to deal I can tell the sound right it does it does that sound so somebody. Wants to support Paul who lose or learn more heard just in general obviously we're giving them information here. But it wanted to give people a chance to learn a little bit more on their own two is there a web site are. Where can people go and we'll share this again at the end by let's put it out there right now and people can grab a pen and write it to great great type can you can go to FaceBook. Paul's party. And you can buy and the kind of campaign there about within Paul's party there is an event called Koppel is and that's where although that's for all the details are. You can also go to Paul's website at Paul Netscape dot com. UL. And AT. ZKE. Dot com. And there's a tab there for populace as (%expletive) yeah you'll a lot of information on your website so fear if you're listening to this and you're thinking only need to know more wanna read more. When I have time on GAAP go to the website and definitely check out the FaceBook page. But right now icing come Kathy we should let people know when this is happening. What else you have happening because this is quite an event you've put together not just the music. Yeah yeah it's easily August August 19 from eleven to five. We'd have music. Each each band is gonna have a one hour gig so the B two stages. And music will be going on constantly so once ones well once once over any other stayed together wanna still be playing in that just kind of overlap with each other. We also have a lot of local food we have. It's being held I should say it's being held at the top garden in pale eyes others and other honey it's. Frank it all goes together. Apart violent. So it'll be down by the river at the mill pond park. And their top garden beer. And we will also monkey shines we'll have a food stand there serving brats and burgers that pale I Britain brought house will be serving smoked sandwiches. Sugar Africa had a corn will be there munchies grilled cheese. Apollo is a huge fan of root beer floats so we will have Specter root beer float. Up. Be cheese Kurds at the pale iPod so many cheesy I some things he. They'll also be a basket raffle wheel of ridiculously amazing prizes. It's Amber's tickets a year Wisconsin cheese. We have about one of Paul's personal collection of assigned packer football. All sorts of like big the prices keep coming and sell again I'm humbled by it. All the support that we've gotten from from so many of our friends and again a date and the place October and it. August 19 their ego that Adam Pelé from eleven to five. Excellent. Comment what do you health link when you started to create this and everybody started coming forward. Both to support and to help. For those two who come to the event may be. Don't know a whole lot about it any events but they wanna come to this event always loved sunspots. You know one of the bands playing. What do you hope they walk away with. I hope they walked away. Just you know think about public you argue life a little bit in and out. You know. I hope it's Biden I hope they have a good time. This is also fund raiser it's a fund raiser for. Specifically three charities to the where important to pollen is life and when that became important it is death and you know I just want people to have fun and in line to those who remember Paul. You heard new call to remember him and those who didn't tell maybe to Scully. Let's do some good in the world and Olympic hits little tighter. And don't consider him a lot of friends on this day it. Can you tell us. The charities that are being supported absolutely there charities are. Wisconsin skaters sled hockey team. Her and dad that's a team that Paul played on the floor no. I don't know probably. Ten years of his life. And fled Ike is a ridiculously expensive sport. So. And and being disabled is ridiculously expensive so we try and fundraisers so that the kids who play. Don't have to spend a lot of money. Tended to be a part of the team because it's really it's really an empowering experience too to be a part of a team like that. Secondly. Bake a health care. Which is a camp in. Upper Michigan where Pawlenty camp his last his last summer. He always went to camps and and summer camp was just you know like it is for any kid it was it was amazing number. But for kids especially if it's a little harder. And damn it taught him the kind of an independence that he never would have had before one can yen and the third is. Donnie let percent to. He was able to be an organ donor and death so we just wanted to get that word out well also people there to register. I'm for organ donations top. This really is ready. Not yet ready ready you ready to sign ESI and while. I'm kind of amazed when I think about all the things that are coming together for this because. Probably even without you. Thinking so deep about the things he cared about it. Eight it's happening and it is all these different aspects. Washed people come. Because going to be part of this rewrite music now you really don't have to spend a ton of money to help out because. A lot of food stands are donated some of their proceeds. You don't have to spend tons to first and have a good time yet spent anything. But to help out a lot of a lot of the people that are coming are helping to donate there is also of course the raffle and we're selling party packs which. We'll have some good drink specials and it will be a piece of cheese and it all certificates staff so. There's so many ways to be involved and have fun and my not come. On gas. I just think that oh my gosh. I'm talking to a Kathy Nat ski is the mom of Paul and the organizer now of Paul we'll lose. And we're just gonna call it the first annual. In his honor. And down I guess this week close Alex. What what would you like to leave with people as as we say by. Yes I know. Come and have fun and be kind to mine and either. I'm not becoming too. Trying this can be contagious to rates can't I'd like that. OK Kathy thank you so much one last time where can people get the information on your August 19 events. Paul's party on FaceBook or at home asking that. Kathy nets keep Paul's mom organizer of Paul lose. And it really does sound like this is going to be the event of the summer in Q cents beating you and you're listening to weekend perspective.