LISTEN: #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth and the UpStage Stigma Event

Sunday, May 6th


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You are listening to weekend perspective and I'm Terry Barr and we're talking today about. Upstaged. Stigma this is going to be a show. And an advocacy projects. For May which of course is mental health awareness month. And here today to talk with me about this is Emily Erwin frank she's the main organizer. And she's also working on her masters in social work. And also with us amber Sebastian who's going to be. One of the performers thank you for being here today thank you so much for having now I know the first question is going to be upstaged. Stigma. It's a show. And it advocacy project yes what does that mean what is that it's US cell. It is. A show in which performers from the local Madison area and then also who come from afar. Share experiences mental illness and emotional struggle in the art form of their choice. I'm so we have singers dancers poets speakers. And different kinds of artists will be sharing their experiences. And I started the project last year during my first year so short school and now it's in its second year and mainly it's a show that happens in Maine. Mental health month. But it's becoming. And we are hoping to have others listened to grow. So you've got one. We do a successful one dying yes so knowing what you know from that one coming to. And you show. This month. What do you think. People can really get out of attending Chicago. Has so that they show I think really creates. A safe space or brain space. If you well. For her people to share their stories and their experiences. In our farm and it feels organic and and so. I'm you know in doing so I think it creates conversations. Among audience members. And raises awareness about. Mental illness and about some things that people might be going through. Do you feel. Obviously the performers are already chosen race. So the audience that comes in. And they'll be impacted by the stories of the performances. And you hope that that can bring together the community of support for each other me guests I'm wondering what do you they won the when he went after the show. Had I mean there's a few different messages and yet in no way there's kind of one message. Which is there all more human and otherwise. We just had shirts made for at leaders on the team and on the back it says. We're all more human and otherwise that's a Harry stacks Allen quotes. And now am that's really something that. Is at the heart of the show now. In addition to. I'm so one of my coworkers at the program of assertive community treatment which is my internship last year and that by the way is wet and than. Suggested donations benefit the pact program but anyway one of my co workers. At that program. Told me that the most important thing that she'd gained from working. Acts. Act is the ability to look at any human being and see that person for their full humanity. And I'll never forget that and that. Is I think the soul of upstaged by. Now well I wanted to ask amber. Is going to perform. Why it was important for you to be part of this and to perform at the upstaged it. And it. Guess I feel like I A Resnick released only with the mission. That were all more imminent otherwise and I'm personally feel like mental health has been. Until mental illness has been kind of an issue that's come up allot this in my personal life movement and man and emotional struggles that I've gone through. I've supported and family members and friends there. Struggles and I feel like it's. It's just really important I think to get that message out that. And this is something that a lot of people feel it and blew them you know how can be. The can we learn better ways to support one another and how can dvds that social stigma surrounding. People who struggle who I'm so that we can all you know asset batteries equipping and supporting one another and accessing res them. So yes there's there's a lot of reasons high. Did resonate with that. And my wanted to be part of it so. Thank you for two and how. He knew it was saying there's some work to prefer amnesty. You had additions which I'm sure was a difficult thing to cut down two thirds challenging him. Everyone has a different message into them. And from booming there again I am I guess we talked about the people who will attend what you hope they walk away with dual pistols for the performers. Moon. I mean. I hope that the prefer when it's you know old. My gosh this is bruises are really important piece of it. That they are part of the community. And that they are not alone. Assuming that the audience I want the audience to feel that there are not alone money its members. But I think also to feel empowered and to feel that in sharing their stories they're bringing people a priceless gift. That no audience members can. Maybe rockaway feeling less alone. They can bring people. Out of isolation. And they know that's what performers of last year and and I know that will happen again this year and that is what drives me. And doing this. Alone in isolation those are two pretty heavy worker and some are yeah he's very good reason to come to this team not to be the man alone or isolated while. Com we're talking with Emily Erwin frank she is an organizer of upstage stigma showing an advocacy project. Ever Sebastien is also here and she's going to perform for us in just a little bit before we get there though Malia and askew. People are listening mom again they may be driven right now to what's more information we have work they go the most updated information to learn about the show when is the shell that's. He had so. We do have a website which is www. Upstage stigma and dot org. But that's going to be happening and it is may nineteenth it's a Saturday right yes we're really excited to have on the Saturday night and at the majestic. Thanks to grant from the school of social work so. It will be Mack Saturday may nineteenth at the majestic Mattis and doors open at San end with live jazz but it Jon Christensen group and free pizza. And then at 730 upstage areas we have fourteen incredible presentations and performances I'm really excited on for people to see. And then and and amber is our wonderful and CN. I'm guiding us through the evening and then there's a party afterward the big payback. An amazing bans and they will be. Doing two sets after that mean lineups of you have quite a night ahead. Yeah terrific yet and it's ten suggested donation to the friends of pack the program of assertive community treatment. However we don't want it to be financially prohibitive for anyone so anyone who feels that. They're unable to donate at this time please stow still calm and still enjoy a show when. I'm sure we get little sample of what we me he that would be wonderful relationship. Amber it's only yours give us a little treat it and hit the yes I am latest sign that covered by. A state. That. Every time. You're right. Mean in game. It's. Yeah. Yeah. Used. Just hanging out. This. You need. Yeah. It's. And these. It's. I news. Yeah. Now they need to you know hurt. Amber Sebastien and a beautiful. Sample. Of what you can here. When you attend the upstage statements show on May nineteenth. Anything you would like to add I can review I I just feel like we could end right that was gorgeous think he'll. I mean just anchor for everybody has been a part of the project including. You and so excited and make a difference. On the nominee bring your friends and family. Have a give us the website when we're at www. Upstage statement dot awards. Think you for listening today and the since we can perspective.