LISTEN McGaw-less in the Morning: A "vinyl" highlight from Teri's guest co-host #2

Tuesday, June 26th

LISTEN McGaw-less in the Morning:  A "vinyl" highlight from Teri's guest co-host #2!

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Classic hits in 94 point nine WOLX. Terry garment Wallace in the morning at 82165. Degrees. But I am not only because I'm Elliott is here oh by the way I should tell you we're getting some nice comments about your visits on FaceBook at night. I don't want me to say hello I remember of people would remember it's been awhile since a ban on people don't forget Stahl yeah especially when they like you talk about every. Be back. Well in saying. That's kind of interesting. We play a lot of things that came out on vinyl how do you and I were talking a little while gas ice now how. And it just re started collecting vinyl one more time so like I I feel like it's gone in phases where lake Buchanan. You've had your stack of vinyl I'm sure like a lot of our listeners just have vets you know milk crate sitting somewhere else but like. You know they and impetus was as I got a a Bluetooth record Clarence would you hire task easier and you don't exercise like a whole system and then like I was able to pull my. Milk crate of vinyl politics. And I'm Mike all of this sounds so good I love the way these things aren't. And manage you know you know what there's a couple of bombs and the to have an opportunity act. Again Bo we station to station was like one of the latest things I get an Pearl Jam title on the pearl jams and as well on. But if I you'd really made me dig into like my old stuff and there's a funny story as to how I got like my original vinyl that have been sitting out so. Parents had a friend who I traveled west to Colorado as a child at one point and they were just getting rid of their final this was the seventies and we're just getting rid of there where there it's so funny to say all right they were there were clear and I think they were doing in the states Hollis you know one of their parents have passed and they were just cleaning everything out and they're like eight kids you know you're nine years old go ahead and take whatever vinyl you want. So I went knife slipped through all their final there was like you know I didn't know anything from what does not and I ended up calling like Led Zeppelin 123 and four. Some early Rolling Stones like sergeant Pepper's I thought was fun because it had all the people colorful I was calm. And I didn't know what I have and it's hidden in a crates for. The longest time ever and finally got a chance to lake. Put those on. All wow and and you know they sound just this correctly the original presence of the so I I'm assuming by you saying put those on now do you have any enemies are now she's keepers he's originals. On the you know like the first time outs you know and I know lake. There's there's audio files who know the difference between the mono and stereo and like all the different weights of the final hours talking and all these things I'm not quite there yet I just like put in the music kind of letting it yeah absolutely but the funny twist is that the person that was my parents friends at the time was closing notes that the state it was at the time and not many knew but she's now congresswoman Tammy Baldwin you've got I've got like some early copies of her. I'll be careful she hears this I know or eight at I want my final actor I like is she gonna want these back well I'm able to that. We have to wait album which had like the original poster and it's true. I'm like tube feeble so. I feel a little nervous talking so I don't know of Singh's assertion Marion and her where you work. At mcqueary talked about it earlier so we won't reveal that. Just a she doesn't show that you're working at palace guards could expect. Great story and I don't know yet my own age I still had all yours from when you're younger you ask me and they were just a lot of eighty stuff like cult I think I was into like Def Leppard. And we and I know our rail companies and we still are in front encrypt. Called the zone but there's there's you know there's something about listening to. The warm sound of finals just makes you feel could you could argue that he's. Learned to an end speaking of the eighties that's that's what we're in the middle and I announced he let us get back to it here I'll accident eighties eights. WX. None stop CD'S_D. Eighties it. Classic hits 94 point nine W allow lacks. OK okay. Okay.