LISTEN McGaw-less in the Morning: Teri has fun with guest co-host #1

Monday, June 25th

LISTEN McGaw-less in the Morning:  Teri has fun with guest co-host #1!

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Classic it's 94 point nine WOMX. 827. And 62 degrees. Happy Monday working for the weekend already on Monday though. A cup. In case your wondering I am also a month long list this week. So. Very happy to have been with me this morning. This morning's special guest cohost. Brian messner paying my real husband. As we've always heard in these Promos the Jim and I are not married some asked us that. And I think Jim said and now. And I don't. But then on June yeah or June murdering him and that's ideally you vacation welcomed in my world. OK speaking of your world you know I love animals are kinds of animals. And down even me he even me. On they just had the ugliest dog contest. Now I'm just kind of looking at some of the what do you think it seems like the theme of the ugly is dogs is that they have tongues and hang out all my cash and really long tongs and he'll get it or go ridiculous port dog leaving. Yeah the 11 is shy Jacques. And Josh and I as of Bulldog of French Bulldog and leave the town. And and it's like Gene Simmons tongue and who eating and now and then it's portal teeth are even worse than not most bulldogs when Nolan judge say. This dog is appalling. And I'll see. On your let's take a listen to what Josh I was owner says. I've ever seen and I'm tired and it just hit an am very content that she came from about in all of the other day about who got an 84 years ago yeah. And that of the street look pretty. Alec rating pretty outfit matched only she had pink toenails. And Carolina. She really proud code in there that you were one Jennifer but some of these other ugly dogs are just it's all. On there's a thank goodness yup. This one it's a little biker dog a little sunglasses on its hair standing up all over the place. Is probably the size of cash. Fine only guys and they all look very proud of themselves yeah of course there and I don't know I don't think it. You know like you said absolutely. You you to let me I'll stop. OK you guys ready to get back to the music theatre time and cutting Brian off at that coming out man here we go let's groove is.