LISTEN: McFarland VS Darlington in our Battle of the Burbs Trivia Round 4

Friday, April 20th

LISTEN: Battle of the Burbs -- Round 4

Ryan from McFarland VS Steve from Darlington go head-to-head in Round 4 of our Battle of the Burbs Trivia! Listen, and play along.


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Does your verb have what it takes time the next Sheehan began won't concede that title is mine have what it takes. I will decide the night. Classic it's a 94 point nine WO well acts presents. No mud on the morning all the birds 2018 the winner gets an iPad brightly. Right stand up big celebration endeavor. Some had gone in the morning battle over the murders and find out who's moving on to the next round now. Who jam. Here we go and. Are you ready this is round four already can you believe that's unbelievable. We have we have Steve from Darlington on the phone this morning yes Steve tells us he is engaged to be married has. No kids that he knows of Steve likes to cut. Any has dodgy game pepper which a super cool high ski and okay eight effort. Bush. And joining us from Mick farmland. We have a rise in net. Ryan has been married fifteen years has an adorable son by the name of me again I love that. Any gay and you're gonna wanna remember that name because he is gonna be Iraq and soccer player. Not rye and played soccer for more than thirty years and now is a whole bunch so that's very cool thanks dry and and allow. For having me happy to be here all we are happy to have both of you here. Gemma we're gonna start with Steve because Darlington is a so Steve I go first Jim will lead you through it. Keeping it simple formula is secret but yes Steve your first question this morning battle the verbs. What was the vehicle Scooby Doo and his friends travel Lynn and Scooby Doo. What was that vehicle. These vehicles names yet or are these type of vehicle on a vehicle that. I can name that he can't go. Countdown underway 83 feet soon. Who want to put. But. Known as cern the correct answer Mozilla yeah you can't you won't get you points or don't report Brian regret. With that's close the mystery. Machine. But hey I'd I'd like. How is ready to play GM he's. He's got the competitive speed a whole lot soccer coach is coming out and I can tell it like this a lot okay Ryan your return to what is the name of we need to whose junkie friend. He didn't think you get sick. Our credit brutal Ole Ole lump. I don't know I unknown we don't know I. I. All. Syria not good I don't want you to add. All all are also nasty saying he knows this one you don't see if. Your. Lists. Oh well too bad zeroes it girls hit. I get sick animals could be 11 but it's really 00 and Jim you're turn back to see Steve who was the lead singer. All the legendary Dan clean. Who was the lead singer of queen. Rory. Com time now. When I know OK. Wait three. See you all brands don't know. But it. Our Bryant right near Erie area and our very go RA it's. Brian your your Iraq and it here a bit viewers Ryan's question now here. All shook cop is a song that of course topped the US billboard hot 100 back in the 191957. To be exact who's saying it. Older. That would be one points for Ryan. Zero for steele's. At it but Steve gets another chance yes he does okay. Steve. Your next question. Acorns are grown on what kind of 235. Or organ a blank and it Perry laid about it. Oh and I talking crap tee you could sit and whine and bing bing 000. All. Okay. No. Harry. It would be Darlington I mean it I figured it might look at Darlington I would have to wait move audit I don't you. Pool. All your friends are cheered you want to McFarland are day. A board of course it all. Out OK the answer to that you read with acorns is oak. Oh of course with so of course it is and move. OK Ryan this one for their land and I mean basically you already won but let's let one right yeah we're. Let's get news just warranted for a grand love it. Okay out where our most peach has grown. They're growing Georgia. Ryan whenever we just wanted to confuse you with the sound that got caught. Bryant is no winner Steve thank you so much what a good sport and it. All listen to they had to see if you guys were in the same room we have you shake hands like really good sports people do I love I always knew that I would do that I would kick it and law OK Steve from Darlington you rock thank you so much rye in it you are moving nine you are going to be plain Wayne now. From Waterloo. And that's going to be coming up. Let's see it looks like on May tenth. So will be what do what they've bought them. We get ready for it what what. Did you hear that sound. That's the sound. By another prayer of going down. It's the battle of the Arabs will yours be next to find out tomorrow morning at 830. Non classic kids 94 point nine W well well lacks.