LISTEN: Madison VS Waunakee in our Battle of the Burbs Trivia Round 3

Thursday, April 19th

LISTEN: Battle of the Burbs -- Round 3

Gina from Madison matches wits with Jeff from Waunakee in Round 3 of our Battle of the Burbs Trivia! Listen, and play along, as we ask Gina and Jeff 3 similar trivia questions. Do you know the correct answer?

One of them will move on to the next round, and one step close to becoming our McGaw in the Morning Battle of the Burbs Trivia Champion. Cheer on your favorite, and then join us in their hometown burb for a big party to celebrate!



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Does your birds have what it takes time the next Sheehan began no one can stop that title is mine have what it takes. I will decide enough. The classic it's 94 point nine W allow lacks presents. No mud on the morning all the birds 2018 the winner gets an iPad bright game. Right stand up big celebration endeavor. Somebody gone in the morning battle over the person. Find out who's moving on to the next round and now. And GM are you ready my hands already let's find out if our contestants are ready we had G. Jeanne up front Mattison and hello Jean. Laura Diaz Jean guy doesn't Stuart Little four year old named add eat. She's originally from Milwaukee but loves it here don't you Gina. Absolutely the head. She's a pet lover to lie Al pays so I I'd like to add GSE as a dog and three cats. And jam what do we have what's or other contestants. Are there contestant on the line is Jack from the only wanna key in the world hot I misrepresenting the only wanna he'll do them proud this morning kind of half. Yeah that I and Jaffe you have two kids and two full time jobs. That's like three jobs are really. And why apple they are taken time to play what shots you guys ready ready to duke it out. Okay. Here we go jam her a question one there and shake hands and come out Qichen here on Wright's first question for Gina representing Madison. Tina named the third planets from the sun. Well boy. Okay we're giving you count down. And then they are. Cool correct planet would be earth. We don't. Don't. Are all don't feel bad I. Kind of blew it when we are going through these questions till our our our right OK Geoff your turn. Which which planet is no longer considered. A planet. That would be a little slower. I outlying. OK here we go Gina at this is going to be another question from Jim here's your chance to redeem yourself yuppie can do you can do it. You're still on track your how many keys Gina on appeal and all how many piano keys. Underneath. One hole. A. Tina. Users beats. PBS. All right governor. Okay well here we go (%expletive) UDU equally tough flying how many valves. On a trumpets. Okay. Tina. You wanna do this next one thing near and yet you gotta do the next one let's just do a gym go ahead hey in the energy Abu. From the two dollar bill. Andrew yeah. So laureates Thomas Jefferson. And I know I know okay. Jeff let's see you're eight as it's too busy girl right now sold should we just give you this one and see what happens. There are right. School is the tallest president. I knew full and three. Oh my god so he's a jet fuel when 30. Represented watt a key UR movie nine to play Amy from Beaver Dam. When we move on to the finals sweep sixteen. So thank you Jeff and she you know we love comfy you we're so sorry that you didn't get to move buying. Okay no worried. But hopefully I'll wherever we have the party hopefully you can come and join us. A lot of the Iraq we would love that oil gas safety of all their view on hand is honored to have you bulls on mad. Mary get a job you guys. Eight hero. Purdue. Did you hear that sound. That's the sound. By another verb it's going down. It's the battle of the herbs and will yours be next to find out tomorrow morning at 839. Classic kids 94 point nine W well well lacks.