LISTEN: Johnson Creek VS Lake Mills in our Battle of the Burbs Trivia ELITE EIGHT

Friday, May 18th


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Does your fervor have what it takes time the next Sheehan began won't concede that title is mine have what it takes. What's exciting. Classic it's 94 point nine WO well acts presents. No mud gone in the morning battle the birds 2018 the winner gets an iPad bragging rights and a big celebration and ever. Somebody gone in the morning battle over the murders and find out who's moving on to the next round now. Jim we have a hot line today he's. So we have Chad from Johnson creek and area in lake mills welcome gentlemen. Well yes. Hot hot hot hot and let us introduce our fine contestants today chat from Johnson creek. Has a dog by the name of Murphy he and he's very into the outdoors skin between high teens things like tax. Spend a lot of time and a creek. Very now I use. I. And as it sounds like that means he's also kind of be a good sportsmen so we're gonna find out as we go through the trivia questions today. Eric in lake mills hello all. FDAX. Kerik also has a dog named apple not. And Eric is all into the outdoors and in particular he likes more things like wintertime snowboarding and into other sports like you zapped. Oh. This going to be competition for sure Jim. And as he did admit he asked to two guys are like the outdoors and both have. Probably super cute dogs so lock us all right guys try to be nice to each other as we get into it here. He re go jam first question for Chad. Chad you recall last game Jerry Chad was branded the trivia god it's not a whole totally out all and we budgeted retain that title here's let's go with your first question. Where the Jefferson's. Gold moving on up to. City I didn't. Who okay. Eric here we go. Which hospital drama. Was set at county general in Chicago. ER. Oh boy who won one jam me he's competition is us. I think he jab back over you which president was born in Arkansas. Tom would have beaten. Chartered. Now now Bill Clinton. And President Clinton alone good test sound yeah well governor of Arkansas allegedly did. Yeah all sorts OK. Well let's see how Eric does Syria go area to which presidents. Was born in Hawaii eat. Obama. Moved. OK we've got 221. In favor of Eric. T had time to save yourself here named the two women who led the group of hearts. I'll hold. There's sister is just and I had no idea no fluke and I have very. Fall ill and what it used. He said there's two sisters he was I noted that he said does something sisters all all. Milk does have an hour and he Andrews sisters good. I am Wilson scissors in the Nancy Wilson. Whole look. I think Jim. Oh what the heck Eric let's just do this one okay. All right Harrington ghost sayings. You never take advice. Some day you'll pay the price I know. I don't know I don't know. There. And Warner the. Somebody else reviewing gap there right yeah. It brought worked real time. Aha well and and Indy and the EU would be moving on anyways so way to go Eric and team in lake mills represented team holy Moly let's Kenya and a tank put together Eric you are constantly he leaves aids she had been. We don't love having you play thank you for being such a great representative of Johnson creek they should be very proud to get publicity and more. And. And produce you. Oh okay so Chad will let you go Johnson creek outs. Lake mills move 91 step closer to that championship Eric. But it out okay so look in barn at a growing apart. Molly's back just a bloody sad I hide Chad you're still invited to the party I'm gonna bring Larry Bird and our job. I am a pot. All my guys you guys are too funny okay next round coming up soon Chad thank you again and yeah hopefully we'll see you at the championship party the only thing I'd Jan figure I drank every chance another berg had to go down. Did you hear that sound. That's the sound. By another verb it's going down. It's the battle of the Arabs will yours be next to find out tomorrow morning at 839. Classic kids 94 point nine W well well lacks.