LISTEN: It's #NationalSelfieDay. Jim & Teri talk about how many are taken before one is posted. How do you rank?

Thursday, June 21st

LISTEN:  It's #NationalSelfieDay. How many will YOU take before you post one? Jim and Teri talk about a new survey, and why they will not be part of the average, any time soon.

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Much and known for cutting off half of my face us. I I just go with that I even got a new phone and I'm still not able to do a very good self feet but no alcohol. There's an actual number Allah that shows on how many self peace most of us. Will take before you actually go. Jim any guesses. There's a number on us there isn't number is before you're satisfied with the self exactly oh and they have separate numbers for men and women so I'm gonna guess it's it's. Lower for guys. Later in Ireland has to be pretty easy so well there you don't then what do you think it is clear is safer for women it's probably five. Eighty who. We're that's pretty good and they do. I see this why you are idea trivia brain drain on captain and what about the ice guys. Guys six we comic. I you are pretty much right in there where he Manning it is the highest is two to five and women also two to five. By its then when you get to the six to ten category it's still higher for women. Where it starts to taper off for guys some guys peak at five. I'll hop but then the next question how much time do you then spent two we keen. The salty before you ever load it and you've seen my phone I have all these apps re can. You know use frames on your photo in use different. Filters. How many how many and then it's keeping people actually play with all those different things on their phone. To make himself beat her now instead of as they appear to be in rural Tennessee. 150. Jeepers. That's half your lunch hour from us and I. OK so here it says no old men and women if they take fifteen minutes there about in the 10%. Category okay most women will do it pretty quickly actually one to three minutes. And men actually average a little more at three. It's. Cool song about self fees alone in aids by the teen smokers in May be in 1020 years will play its classic. It. What do they say and the odds it's really funny side of itself spoke in the teens Megan will have an on. And Tony. The U2 o'clock. That before we're done WOLX. Happy Thursday. Almost for any team and at least. Eight when he eight and 62 degrees and we talking about. National self B day. And up found a survey about this today how appropriate that actually indicates most people take at least three cell fees. And then take anywhere from three to five minutes to tweet gets. Before they ever post yet. And Jim I think what did you guess at one point fifteen minutes tweaking a fifteen to. That that's capped their lunch hour Kirk spent. Self being and tweaking the self feet but we learn something else today didn't he she spotted something on her. Who commute this morning Barbara spotted some senator morning commute. Okay I'm I'm billboard and it is up to probably. Problem pans out we'll just try. It's going to be a I do I've been fighting about I don't think that it. I. And I'm like I don't think it's sort of program.