LISTEN: Is a Flowery Fashion Trend from the 1980's making a comeback in 2018? Jim and Teri Talk about it...

Thursday, April 26th

LISTEN:  Is a Flowery Fashion Trend from the 1980s making a comeback in 2018? Jim and Teri Talk about it...

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Clearly also coming up for us or eighties prom that's coming up in Maine you can find all the details on WOLX. Dot com. But something else happening at the same time right now can you believe it eighties. Many ways making a return man how about that the fashion. Especially the bright colors. As Buick ad to almost any piece of clothing. And I remember I was really into kind of likened waits at that time like everything was very bright and color of colorful and out of that was because of poppy punk he influenced you come on Blake if you get a a promise to T have to Wear something super bright. And a bright orange in the country and and that of course that the shoulder pads holy cow and those made most of us girls. Look bigger than football players. Not that that trend stuck around way too long luckily that's not the one that's coming back but it really is the bright colors. And flowers. On your clothes. And if you remember at the flowered jackets like their flowers everywhere and they were super bright. Some people also had pants that have flowers everywhere and some people actually had the Mac Jeanne. Pants and jackets. He IE and that flower fashion actually came out of floral arrangements. That people first spotted and in particular clothing designers sought and loved in New York City. So now we're going backwards to go forwards against him I don't know if they come out with sky is bright colors and flowers would you Wear it's I had a lot of break me on T shirts as he is moves to island and a suit soon. Well I don't know you know talking about prom and in the things we might be wearing. For many of us he had it is is going to be a do over and you can if you Wear these bright colors all over again even though they're going to be back in the summer. What about songs to him the soundtrack of your life like cat he's is loaded with that stuff I. Maybe end the way you are feeling at that time the best of times. I sticks on the may be flirting with disaster might not get. It down some of the things we're gonna here at our eighties prom and again if you Wear bright colors. You'll be able to even as well NASA a song ideas long to mr. just harm if some of the eighties coming back at chance. You don't address for our from future tickets for the golf how he's doing. Please do all they really don't quickly give them a W likes dot com for eighties.