LISTEN: Cottage Grove VS Sun Prairie in our Battle of the Burbs Trivia ELITE EIGHT

Thursday, May 17th


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Does your Berger have what it takes time the next Sheehan began won't can stop that title is mine have what it takes. What's exciting. Classic kids 94 point nine W allow lacks presents. No mud gone in the morning battle for the birds 2018 the winner gets an iPad bragging rights stand up big celebration endeavor. Somebody gone in the morning battle over the bird seed. Find out who's moving on to the next round and NASA. Will disease. Cottage Grove. For sun prairie. Jim we have narrowed it down to these two birds gonna fist fight it I mean just talk it out in trivia I mean rocket. In light of the Steve I am not age carollo welcome and thank you US made it to the sweet sixteen today. Now that's all we are happy to. Christina has Oscar the possible. And honestly you're gonna have to share a photo of this puddle at some point I can only imagine how Don earned an Oscar is. I Christina is very much like myself in that she loves warm weather. So with the sunshine out this week she is a happy camper thank you Christina. And we are also welcome meaning today Steve from sun prairie. Steve good morning Carrie and solve happy to have you here Steve Steve. Has not recently been reelected as an altar in some prairie means he's popular but it also means as Megan said. Being nice steak ham. And I'm out at. Steve is also the coordinator of the citywide derived sale in sun prairie how. That is keeping you busy this time of year insurer. And Steve is an instructor of up on X a role next I've seen Steve peace in good shape so way to go ST you. You act we are gonna get started here with Cristina in cottage grow old and Jim will kick it off with your first question. Christina you're setting the pace here as all right you ready. Okay the first question for Christine here. Where is the ball of America. I. Only sorry long man. Bloomington so tactic of lowering of and now. RE ST okay that's it's only the first question Steve yet. Once famous highway a is known as the mean streets of America. It. Okay going to question Julia of Steve one Christina zero. We don't expect you Christina. Hopes are still alive and speaker at Ryan Seacrest now all. But who was the original co host with Kelly and Kelly live with live with Kelly. Rate yet. Seem makes storming comeback. It's OK Steve. Yeah. Who was the original host of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?. One minute regional. And Regis is everywhere I know we felt we had a kind of a fun trick question. Oh boy questioned three. Missed Dina. What color is the third place medal in the Olympics. Aren't. Yeah. OK Steve you win this if you get it core facts. No no pressure. When it what's color. Is the masters jacket in eagle. That would be green. Christine laugh. This means deeds move Zion. And we have to allow you to bow out here. Artest loves you off like after he finally the total so. Christina I ask everybody eighty. Christina and ask for the puddle ends T you've been in way to go you keep moving you are now going to be part of the. It will make you pretty much and think because you agree. Thank you see our. I opulent art out via the party. And a real. Great net total. Steve it's a good thing Christina we never have to vote for you hook it. Oh GM your mind really tell me. Christina Hague and saint used so much what a great representative Cottage Grove should be very proud and the evil we will be talking to you really soon the elite eight gets under way in just a couple of weeks talk to you soon McHale thank you very much OK they used Steve's on Jerry should also be proud of them equality. And a way to go guys. Thank you.