LISTEN: Columbus VS Waunakee in our Battle of the Burbs Trivia

Tuesday, May 22nd

LISTEN:  Stephen from Columbus VS Jeff from Waunakee in our Battle of the Burbs Trivia! The winner moves on to the Final Four, and one step closer to being our champion.

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Does your Berger have what it takes time the next Sheehan began won't can stop that title is mine have what it takes. Will decide enough. Classic hits in 94 point nine W allow lacks presents. The mud gone in the morning battle for the birds 2018 the winner gets an iPad bragging rights and got big celebration endeavor. Somebody gone in the morning battle over the bird seed. Find out who's moving on to the next round and now. Hands it is down to the he leaves he eats. Columbus and wanna add key facing off today welcome Stephen from Columbus and Jeff from one Nikki how you guys do and doesn't it. Axle plants wow these two have been fabulous players and have made it this far. Let me introduce you all to Stephen from Columbus is Steven married has two kids. And I love this he's going to Norway he's gonna traces family tree because there could be. Royalty. And it Stephen that is so amazing I love that story. Yeah we we may have to call you king's Steven after that attack. And it meet Jeff from want it he Jeffs also has two kids. And to fulltime jobs but maybe those jobs are paying for this thing that GM really has taken an interest in Jeff as a pool with a sly. Some hot new best friend yeah. Yeah. I'll boy will welcome do you bulk Stephen and Jeff but are you ready to begin another round of trivia. Okay. Jim want to begin with Steven Steven the first question I have for you is why does. He'd be on her stay in for. The ribbon. That's would be her Ratliff one right now couple. Yet Jim. There. If it didn't he deserves one were out. Stature in what beer is from the land of sky blue waters. Or so. It's. It's hams the barring fresh clean hands the beer refreshing. Handled. On Thursday and well and that's sand and I actually know the holes so be it. Okay back to Steve slim Jim Stevens who droll little red Corvette saying baby you're much too fast. It's. Okay back to do asked. Who was also driving a car and a song and though he wants a new drugs one that won't make you sick. He also wants one that won't Macon crashes car. That would be Yury Lewis you've got it then you've got and it's. Jeff may can come back this year all right Jim Stephen. You don't know these. But who does the elf in FB ID stands for. Federal. Is. Check out this means. So he asked Stephen is out but he what I guess the question anyway. Sure okay awesome what does that to eat in DO TE stand for. It. And this. It was just that one beer question that got you on the alcohol always like yours that it's. Honored I get. Play it it just so you know Jim we'll probably pick up some hands and show up back here who also just be careful here at. Yeah it shaft they Q do you have bend so much fun to play trivial wet and congratulations. To Steve then. You are movement on Stephen you're gonna be part of our final four hour one step closer. Yes this is good luck good sportsmanship that was awesome Steven we will talk to you again soon. You won't be playing the winner of Adams friendship and sun prairie. Coming up very soon so we'll be back with you and again Jeff from wanna keep you rock thank you for playing Ian. No problem solved good stuff. In with balls he does Steve and I guess. Want to know when your burden placed next go to W lacks dot com and download your burdens and bracket now.