LISTEN: Brooklyn VS New Glarus in our Battle of the Burbs Trivia Round 8

Thursday, April 26th

LISTEN: Battle of the Burbs -- Round 8

Karl from Brooklyn and Steve from New Glarus go head-to-head in Round 8 of our Battle of the Burbs Trivia! Listen, play along, then hear the next NEW round of competitors on-air, tomorrow morning at 8:30 am.


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Does your verb have what it takes time the next Sheehan began won't concede that title is mine have what it takes. I wouldn't I don't know. The classic it's 94 point nine W allow lacks presents. No mud on the morning all the birds 28 seeing the winner gets an iPad bragging rights and a big celebration endeavor. So much gone in the morning battle of the person. Find out who's moving on to the next round now. First GS. We must begin with around the east before anyone. Can move on and are you ready Jim is gone it's too it's happened today our contestants. Mighty and braves say our car all from Brooklyn and hello car all. Good morning yes Carl I understand. Loves to ride his motorcycle and boy the weather's getting nice for you right now Karl that saw some. Takes his girlfriend out for rides and they have made it a wonderful habit. A cruise in the country on their bike that sounds beautiful. Thanks for sharing that Karl. And we also have Steve from new glamorous heist. Steve is in two model railroading. That is like a big thing these days. Steve also likes to garden and of course the weather's getting to be good for that and he loves animals and has quite a feud attack. He says is sort of like a full time job taking care of those said he has. Thanks to both of you for joining asks. And we are off to our first question and Jim will begin girls to the races here fearing. Carlin Brooklyn. From The Wizard of Oz what did the scarecrow one X are. You. And. All that would have been the tin man scarecrow monitor screen you on screen mom her com Arnold to earn. All right Steve your churn who was Wayne's best friend in Wayne's world. And you know. Current. Costs. Yes third. Way to go Steve 10 in Steve's favor back to car roll Karl in Brooklyn. John Bonham died it just 32 years all went what Dan was he the drummer for. What are report as. Nicely done and Steve. What famous singer is from Seymour. Indiana. I have no idea. You shirt and wasn't gonna give you count downsides. Or. Three. To David boy only look. But. It. I know he's released and there are easily. Addison and a lot of that he's out. John Mellencamp. On that Gary yet that guy yap yap a back to Carl jam packed to Karl Khomeini stripes. On the American plague Karl. OK here comes the count alone. If five. Or. 32. The low. But. A. Yeah a little high and pretty yeah thirteen stripes thirteenth. OK here we go we're tied right now one line. Steve name the colors of the German Flag Day. Boom in green white and red. The black red and yellow loaned. Him. Yes RA Jim we got to go to the tiebreaker do you wanna do X to the tiebreaker question legal okay here's how this works guys. Call Alex your name. And where you're from so Carl from Brooklyn or Steve from the glare at us and then yell out the answer. And just so we know who's answering unit we wanna hear your name and where you're from first and then the answer but just yell out don't even wait for us if you know it go for it. Good luck to the walls the here here's the tiebreaker question how do you say goodbye. In Hawaiian. Mean being from new where all Ohio. This the Steve knew Blair SUN moment on to the sweet sixteen. You will be playing Bob. From Blanchard veil and ended a war knew Bob was already talking smack the other days of get ready for it. And Harold from Brooklyn thank you so much worse so sorry that he didn't get to move on but we're gonna invite you to the party anyway at the end don't pay any. We heard all thanks so much for playing along what a great sport you liar. Extra media and are right the next round is common. When. Steve from new glare is plays Bob from Blanchard bill. That is going to be happening on May fourteenth. Jim that was fine that was a lot of fun guys that they Diebold. JJ here that's down yeah that's the sound. By another verb it's going down. It's the battle of the Arabs and will yours be next to find out tomorrow morning at 830. Non classic kids 94 point nine W well well lacks.