LISTEN: Battle of the Burbs Trivia Round 1 Beaver Dam VS Lodi

Tuesday, April 17th

LISTEN: Battle of the Burbs -- Round 1  

Amy from Beaver Dam takes on Katie from Lodi as we kick off our ultimate trivia contest! Listen to learn who is moving on to the next round, and is one-step closer to becoming our McGaw in the Morning Battle of the Burbs Champion...




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All right Jim are you ready I am so already are okay. We have let's see where Morgan I get together with. Amy from Beaver Dam now of course if you don't Beaver Dam actually name for me Beaver Dam. Many many years ago about I guess this is. And for our first round contest and the challenger will be Katie from low guy of course many people know Susie that doc. As the mascot. Of Lodi so this is going to be to kick off the battle of the birds of Amy and Katie Jim are you ready to go elect students have. So my vitamins had a big catalyst I am ready ultimate trivia ready for action here. Does your birth have what it takes time the next champion won't you can stuff that title is mine have what it takes side and I will decide you know. Classic hits in 94 point nine W allow lacks presents. The mud gone in the morning battle of the birds 2018 the winner gets an iPad bragging rights and a big celebration endeavor. They'll let gone in the morning battle of number and said. Find out who's moving on to the next round match. All right here we got guys that mean voyage here. The words. Tour via a jam and joining us around wine Mary brave ladies today. Amy from Beaver Dam Amy are you ready to go I am ready cost some. KET. Represented low I can see how you feeling you ready to get our. Amber who jam we have some great contestants on your fears. The well upright this and we close our eyes and drew between the two cities and Lodi I'm ready what. The original. Oh goodness. Have they always been green angle that one wrong. And. Why not Radke. Okay no Amy Beaver Dam Amy Brad he won. What's famous sitcom star in the 1960s. Was from Beaver Dam. Holy Moly. You much about it can't unfortunately. You sit California that's kind of a clue you learn it. And. At. Fred McMurray. You obviously heard about it but that's okay we have. Right now zero. Hectic Cady in Haiti and the guy in the Simpsons. Was the brand of Beers. My. You don't want to blunt he need not actually sure on that under genetic mix. I able hour three and two lying. Fun with them bombs are. It's at like at the buzzer away from him you ask you the answer is is done off the year who's on your. OK went so far the time remains outside. You read out Amy Amy from beaver dams gonna get this I just have a feeling. My line outs. What's laundry detergent used that slogan ringing around the collar and on the right ringing around. Cutler I think it was in an. And. Even give her account for crying out early from him out I guess I guess that's a zero I'm so sorry. All right. Back to take it low I jam that's and you can positional near the end. Another question for you okay Jim what is the only states in that you asks what is the only state in the US ski. That starts with the letter yeah that would be Pennsylvania. And. Yeah. Okay. We're going back to Amy Ebert I am. It. Amy you've got this girl you didn't know what race. Is known as the two most exciting minutes in sports and it's coming up. Elect the next couple weeks and I think many women enjoy it because of all the gorgeous hats. Bumper and I'm a bump. Bump and I want that can. It. Right terror. Here's the tiebreaker works when we ask you the question and you know the answer. Yell out your name in your city obviously Amy from Beaver Dam or Katie from load I and then tell us the answer. Are you ready. Ready piers you're. Tiebreaker question. Which talk show host. Appeared in the movie. That color. Purple. To. Nude amendment Beaver Dam. Saying it would help or when you. Not quite all the way with the tiebreaker. Or. Calm my gosh thanks you for plain and done this and Amy your movement on to the next round weeks ago. When it. You add terrifically they use so much. Out the next rounds of trivia every single day and will be back in touch with you Amy to you now. Who he'll be playing we can't tell you it's going to be either someone from Oxford. Or wanna see.