LISTEN: Baraboo VS DeForest in our Battle of the Burbs Trivia Round 5

Monday, April 23rd

LISTEN: Battle of the Burbs -- Round 5

Kathy from Baraboo and Roy from DeForest go head-to-head in Round 5 of our Battle of the Burbs Trivia! Listen, play along, then hear the next round of competitors tomorrow morning at 8:30 am...


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Does your verb have what it takes time the next Sheehan began warning can start title isn't mine have what it takes. I will decide the night. The classic it's 94 point nine W allow lacks presents. No mud on the morning all the birds 28 seeing the winner gets an iPad bragging rights and a big celebration endeavor. Some had gone in the morning battle over the person. Find out who's moving on to the next round now. And it's. Already right. We welcome into today's battles noise from DeForest hello rely a who are eager very good we hope you are to at least for right now here's a little bit about Roy you rely a tells us. He enjoys drinking beer. And flying model airplanes not sure it's in that order or not I can't very well after. And there. And up against Roy today is Cassie from Barrow blew a high gas heat. No or yes now Kathie is married as kids and has ace. Two while named dot he'd like she really loves football. And I'm right here we go you guys let's go with question number one Jim go for it can't be ready. I. RI he is smarter than the average bear what's the name of the most famous resident of Jolie stone park. We are rare. Moss during started working OK. Kathy wine. Here we go to rice now dry in the nursery Ryan but who's sat on the wall before having a great small. Woe under arrive in bill. Yeah I agree on what ought yeah includes an eager to run. And only top. Out about our development. It. Okay android that would be zero old so yeah figure out. I I know you're here I biked it is maybe not in the end of a trivia I don't. Did you utter a little or no cure today OK that answer was Humpty Dumpty can't call. OK next on jam all right Kathy. You're on fire creek well. What is the oldest CD can't be in Wisconsin. Remember you told me you lead that you light come and you know a certain sport. And I'll now LeRoy it's gonna be mad at NASA's. It looks OK so Roy it which states. Will you find out mount Rushmore. All of the Dakota resolve. Nor typical. Liberal. But. Roy Delaney is the ladies are gluten that you cannot that would be South Dakota. Well you know. It's edited and we call upon me. Okay it out and Kathy basically you have one but you wanna do your last question just for fun. Our iron out our find a page and go for a how many colors in arena bowl here at the many colors. Okay five. Per hour. But. Your own food and corporate I. Now I'm giving you how does upside. Funny yeah the answers saddened them. Yeah. Right you wanna try one more for fine. Oh sure are got a bit and there are people out too but the girls that you won't okay. How many sides to a triangle and I couldn't. Get the B. Write me and my game. Shooting zero Kathy from Barre boot you are moving on my friends he. Speaks. Yeah you sound you will. And you'll hear more from Oz let's see Kathy. You will be playing the winner of a who Wisconsin Dells and Columbus coming up on May eleventh so will be back in time. Are weighted down old. Thanks Don hasn't happened. And. Did you hear that sound. That's the sound of another verb. Going down. It's the battle of the Arabs will yours be next to find out tomorrow morning at 839. Classic kids 94 point nine W well well lacks.