LISTEN: Are You Fudgelling Right Now? How to make some Cool Old Words New Again with Jim and Teri

Thursday, July 19th

LISTEN: Are You Fudgelling Right Now? Jim and Teri try to figure out how to make some cool old words, new again

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Shortly here so don't turn away meantime. Here's something I've been just Babylon about all morning that could be award and here babble. Wouldn't handle me in it drew a big east in just a ramble on endlessly. Credible means to Corel. Corel noisily. To squabble. Whenever trouble thirteen. Networking Jim it's for keeps on like a body function to be a pretty. If you're moving swiftly or nimbly. Can inch I guess catch a lot here on the show. We laughed loudly now it is delicate means laugh at henchmen flapping my now if you're wondering why in the world is she talking about this. This new list of old words just came back out some of these are soul old. Obviously like for work and rabble. They have been used in years and years so Latin Webber put these words out there trying to bring him back. I don't know. When to begin in the dictionary here when the end up in Webster's to each that's a good question a lot of the new words are already and like acting torque is actually in the dictionary. And actually lookup gym for gays in the dictionary marketing and Miley help bring that when I thought she assured that it had here's one for us. Maybe all of you can be flood jewels today and pretending to work. Pretending to work while you're more like to look these are to make from Salem writes come on in there and you know the dirty and. I Jim about this one not Collette. Collette being Aegean. Doesn't mean you ever nice by. We. Aren't there are Goebel and on that one how about perhaps outcome is bad as an attempted pick up line and still. And little dogs and yeah and use lose. All right double. Edged down so again Helen T and T yeah there you comedian. Then he'll be easy form area and. Now.