LISTEN: Are the "free treats" at work making you fat? Jim & Teri talk about it & share what YOU think

Wednesday, June 20th

LISTEN:  Are all the "free treats" at the office making you fat? Jim & Teri talk about it & share what YOU think...

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On a very kinda. Listener and dropped off cinnamon rolls yesterday we love that listener hi fi and did you have wine I certainly did showed that I. And hit it just leads to the survey. That I was reading about yesterday is that have basically says. Any time there's free food in the office everybody wants it everybody is willing to eat yet. And that now all this survey has grown even bigger by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They surveyed more than 5000. People. At work. And asked. Boone you think all that free food is this impacting your waistline. What do you think Jim well we I noticed that there's any left EU UN may wanna think about eating is that they left over you wanna throw well and there with their honestly they're never innocently thought numbers out he just goes dale in the Dallas I talked about like working in it television newsroom. While you better get out of the way if people see there's free food I mean it's like a die if toward it. You never very calm about getting Anderson minerals yesterday. It was still like oh my gosh are still here grab them. They are saying in this survey now of that people answered to. They took in an extra average of 12100. Calories. Worth of food and beverages per person per week. Thanks to mostly free food that was available. Otherwise other people sat on. Even if it was just a craving they had they ended up going to the vending machine. That it was just that easy to you know it takes him change and go to the vending machine and grab something but it equaled 12100. Extra calories in one week. Not comes around here every year Terry all every Summers those Wisconsin state fair cream puff. They note of one of the older I dare I don't think we can and our own dear to be back to school. Kate I put this question on our FaceBook page so I'm gonna go back and dig up the survey to see. How all of you responded. You eating free food do you do it yeah ask for sure orgy saying no way I don't want this ruling in the rest of my idea. The rest of the food and I'm going to eat and especially the idea waistline and then so we'll talk more. Classic hits in 94 point nine W own hand and timid Gerri Madonna in the Maureen things Caribbean here with us this morning you may have heard us not talking a little bit of ballots. Free food in the office we were greased. With the some delicious cinnamon rolls homemade. And all kinds of sums up I think all around the office how delicious they wore on made by a listener. Jim I sparked and asked her. He didn't end the other people in the office so if this came off with a survey at the same time. On the idea of does free food. At your office get to your waistline. And I thought just as goofy side looked into the serve in the survey shows some. People are again being. 12100. Extra calories and they say this is an average from a survey of 5000 people. 12100 extra calories every week. Due to the free food. If you're not eating free food you might just be a snacking because you have a vending machine and you get a craving. When your kind of Dick being in feeling like you're about to fall asleep you go in and grab some food to snack and are I'm gonna do my own survey jam. So I went to our listeners on our FaceBook page and I said. If you have free food at work. Do you take advantage of it and ended two answers simple answers works yes. Or no thanks. How do you think that turned out Jim if you work at a health club it's probably not a problem be the only ones work and go work outs and and a that they have more like healthy snacks rather than. Doughnuts worked and minerals or veggies and things like using it and so the free Food Network. 67%. Of people answering hours survey. On the WO Alex FaceBook page said oh yeah now I'm taken that free food and I'm going to enjoy every bite of it is so eager vending machines. The frequent guest says there you have it frankly we're all for it. And we mentioned the address of our sticks on top. Of the Evan yesterday. Top all of the 76 of one teams who would unleash the belts it.