LISTEN: Adams-Friendship VS Poynette in our Battle of the Burbs Trivia

Monday, May 21st

LISTEN:  Kathy from Adams-Friendship VS Terri from Poynette! The winner moves on to the elite 8 in our Battle of the Burbs Trivia. 

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Does your birds have what it takes time the next champion won't concede that title is mine have what it takes. I will decide enough. Classic hits in 94 point nine WO well acts presents the mud go in the morning battle the birds 28. The winner gets an iPad bragging rights and got big celebration endeavor. Somebody got in the morning battle over number and said. Find out who's moving on to the next round match. Flight snacks and Adam's friends death gym where would you like to have a partner I mean at some of hot hot Jim you are you're out of this game if your record as it on top you today. Bolt greatly and yeah add we'd love to go to you eat there weren't for the big championship party. Hey everybody meet Cathy in Adams friendship I can't he. Kathy is represented in well she makes it to the sweet to you know we that Kathy has five wonderful dog ease and she's very into photography. And we are so glad to have her along with us today. All cell here is khakis competitor hairy for employee net tight teary. Lo and Terry also my eighty. As she moves on to the sweet sixteen to take on Kathy Terry has a boxer puppy named hazel. A mind if there's a party implying that you have to bring hazel. And Terri recently retired a long time teacher's assistant. And Terry is also the one. Playing at The American Legion in point net with the team behind her four point next. So there you go thank you to both of view and are you ready to rumble a all. Huh. Today. Did ominous let's start with Kathy candor to start with a music question for you want to be ended Phil Collins come from before. He's be Wetzel. Yeah. Oh right we have one point on the board for Kathy teary. Name one of two female lead singers in Fleetwood Mac. Okay one should lead role either one. Think that well. It's a girl I can think we. All right I gotta give you the countdown to sound and night. Or wrong three. Our old. Yeah. CD. Yeah yup Kathy out Kathy knows what is Stevie next orbit or Christine Mick V. 000 yeah. Yeah okay that's two more rounds to now Jim back to you in the year ago Gerry talk show host. He's from Indianapolis. And the. Pass beyond the game today. Okay Terry. Who is the person everybody knows. To call him as Don Iraq. Or is it a lot. Elaine jacked them. Teens comes through retiree in el Al right. More fierce competition here yes. Six. She on our eyes and the popular attraction. Draws thousands. Of so contrary every August. OK count. I. For. Every. Student and lying. And on Wednesday that no story. But. All those aren't festival we. Want a guy and an outline. On a case of Terry you know if you get this one right in your tie he'd go to tiebreaker. No pressure packed up all. Okay eight. Terry which area city is considered the only one in the world. You. Who OK you guys. Wow Jim would you like to reduce the tiebreaker I would be sowell on okay offered the tiebreaker. And this is how it works when you hear the question you know the answer yellow your name. And your city you are representing and give us the answer. The collectible you. Don't want to lose either one of you put on the view this is a fun question as soon as the lovable alien. From 1980 to eat the Reese's pieces. Or are. It was a tied tiebreak and tear what was your answer. While. More more. Cherie was first but the answer was wrong. So Cappy you'd jumped in there and you but the correct answer so our middle look at my judges here which does make ends up. Wandering eye I believe we have a week we have to go with Kathy. Although. Meet its arms. Mean there's your answer Cathy are you still there. Oh yes LS fans are you again. Yes yes. And I I heard you say it's so yeah up. OK Kathy in Adams friendship you are moving on to the OK guys I know I I sense in her voice Jim she's got that attitude like. Are not. Wearing Maria and scary from point that we adore you and we are so happy that you got to play. Darryl and are so grateful to you and your team so be sure or out Ankiel. Well all yeah at Indy and don't forget we're gonna invite all of you to the championship party so we hope we get to meet everybody who's complain that will be a lot of fun as well. All right Jim thank you so much to Terry and Kathy will be talking to you again soon. Our little these nice to Adams friendship move and it's.