LISTEN: 12 Days of Christmas Give-aways on McGaw in the Morning #4

Monday, November 27th

The 12 Days of Christmas Give-aways returns Monday after a break for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend on McGaw in the Morning.

Jolly Jim's sack is re-filled with all kinds of new "big kid" toys. What will caller #9, Mike Fox of Madison, get as a gift today?

You'll have to listen...


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Medicines over the holidays and a four point nine W let's look on the morning teary Jim she's it's jolly Jim if if it. Yeah again they're right Jim Tully gym talking about yourself in the third person and they're aren't our major rebellion just one jolly guy totally solid job. Don't let it. Hit it not we have much. Where are we might off. I'm before your charitable affairs who. Principal Mike yeah. Fragile. Though he's good he sounds happy and ready to reach into jolly agent's sac. Of which I yeah I drag this puppy in and out the door the last couple days so I. I don't need any more dogs. Hypocrisy terror he got PG on the it yesterday. And what is Morris or Mike you reach in there with Terry's health and there's an incredible prizes in the area I'll hold out before you there is no doubt. I end I don't recommend a get back to what you signed a multi. Homely reaching a long arms like your way down I got warmer and if it if he's going in and he's way down we AME McDonnell in the moose. Don't execute suddenly it's ugly tree it's got it right. Thank you and me think that we'll bring it back okay Mike what's that old well. Know and allies we got a brilliant new brand new HD radio. And I own nice. Way bigger than an envelope yeah we are. Very cool idea a lot of stations broadcast in HDW or Lexus don't. Pulpit and an element. So we'll make sure that that's silly station you get on the HD radio I'm fit. Perfectly and it wouldn't yeah. I appreciate it or did they see action on smaller and more handsome and each diesel it will mean. Yeah. Beyond bridal able yeah I I'm appear. To anybody. Hey guys do.