Leading plastic surgeons are saying women are paying up to $ 50,000 to look like this celebrity woman...Who is she ?

Monday, February 12th


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Classic hits 94 point 9 W Alexi Madonna morning Jim and Jerry brain strain question this morning. 730 for Valentine's week something special. Previewing your Valentine gets sick we compared tickets to each column very sort of water park when you let these tickets directly qualify for an overnight sticky. Had to come Ari there you go Valentine in the question this morning. We consulted leading plastic surgeons. For this story straight I was it for me there's not a lost cause but this question we found that women are spending check this out. Between Tony in 50000. Dollars to look like this FEMA celebrity woman. Are women spending twenty to 50000. To look like which celebrity woman is it's there's your brains trained 6641. Not before nine WR screens strain called 66. When an inference that the answer who are big hit it better yeah cooking MacBook that's a little song I. I. Let out and eat eat and I. CC score of 100 or not hit this. Phrase drink glasses worn plastic surgeons say this is the number one celebrity women who let her be in big bucks to fifty grand looks. It that are important. Know all against the Honolulu are good Jack's six explore what I do for a nice plastic surgeons are seeing that this is he number one's celebrity. And that no women are being 25 to 50000 to look London. And no not. No right that's what I was gonna guess the answer will it'll shock you when you finally here not oh dear and good yeah. You okay yeah. I have a great day. Crazy glasses sporting plastic surgeons are saying this is the number one celebrity women woman that women are deeply tied at 50000 dollars to look just like. Probably didn't hurt yeah yeah. Do for GM Darryl Miller of popular no good drive on the track is a good morning don't you all sprains strains. Are you know I was in yeah. Good. Okay my age I can't wait to hear your guess I didn't. I'm glad I eat it well then when that happens movie is going to be because they want and what Greg peck. And trench and bad you know well I'm a trailer for a big club very well lieutenant colonel Lawrence. Not that she is at sea duty and she's beautiful yeah yeah. Yeah that's a big no. No no daddy okay you know. That's a great Janssen but it's it's all. Taste I wish I could chart track the martyrdom of dirt or more in need to. I'm doing good career excellent sell off for asking very guidance is he's awesome I don't know who or what do you think modality that. Who has this person were to look good for mayor mobile no good a little while all that settlement mood that was a big gas. You're using I. Hot hot hot hot hot wild W I sprain strain on a Jersey guess is a manager knows what what's your guess and you'll see only. Yeah and it's. Last time and I and I did none Darren probably already it's W on sprains strains. I didn't know that you don't succeed as well move she's pretty. I got it and not in shape I had. See you. It's going to be tough food Booth WLX rays strain on our paying up to fifty dollars and to look like does celebrity women and long live life. Really worried who flew very timely. How gorgeous home and Andre enter that funky that look I yeah. Yeah. Oh mind thanks for the last talent the update you know raise strain W all eyes were going to be enough to dig deep dollars in don't look like this. Some pretty woman. There are brand them. No team for just a yes W Alex Fraser into our hands here soon Mueller and up to fifty dollars and according to plastic surgeons and looks like celebrity woman. And what they're artists I know you Syria's first daughter and we had several against Terry for the First Lady yes we did the results. Lady buddy's daughter I'm your big big bucks to look like you got the truck blew. Wow nice it. Yeah laughs no but there's also a reprieve pretty laid yeah she is fifty cows were roaring toward where you move forward supporter and. Yeah and you're funny. Whatever Brett I think if you want to look like him he's got you lot of big Macs. Not yet worked a hot topic if you do this morning Barbara girls older.