Just under 50% of those asked put this on their bucket list?

Thursday, May 24th


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But not a morning Jimmy Jerry was your brain strain question for this morning you'll when he Jung point five dollar gift card. When you're correct grade straight answer. All that's heard 6641. ID 49 answered this question just under 50% of those asked put this on their bucket list pretty adventurous what is it Collison talent win the brain stream good morning to you always. Green screen you ready for an answer. We needed. And going into C east title and fifth set that up I want to be an astronaut. Don't wanna be at the end space is just the raise anybody's on what you did hit it means it's phenomenal it's great strains succeeds. Yeah you don't just want the ball pretty good very good really isn't it's really nice and oh yeah he. Times 50% of those asked these decisions on their. A woman at eight gold digger who. I got to the millions. And he's now. Yeah. Yeah let's pretty straight talk 664100. Runs or answered just under 50% ass so this item is on their intentions to. Load the more W all like yeah. I'm lucky to partner at the annual. This is on people's bucket list people surveyed a little an open mind I just solitary and several of my own that this is Susan balmy yeah well. Don't know why it was hush now. Double I want to go skydiving. Oh Louisiana where it's skydiving. None did so on and on mine we miss him. I miss it a trial on Saturday. Don't see all this very seriously six or wanted to or not anyone answer that question. I just under 50% of those asked to send this is on there. Analysts. Are looking on my bucket list you don't like to do a hot air balloon ride our airline is slowly rack you she unity hence the one. That's. Little League ever done that. You don't wanna do there are more document wanna do it yet but more certain all total number would you have to surprise her with Sydney beaten. Yeah I don't maybe that wouldn't go over allows you can get annoying way took this and yeah. And Grady Diaz zip that is the correct I mean that would be amazing. And hot in London. Yup I did Dallas is long slow DG. Zoo was the view was incredible also might kill what little scary and that'd be scary but it was scary that it's really quiet tearing I have heard surgery at that theory serene very beautiful view. Mall I would recommend it to anybody who lease an eagle serve. Tried my skull and yeah yeah yeah we talked sealed under it and. Anna how are you will go log cannot talk yeah I know she we noticed you had a good good. Did you hear it for I mean you know you got it just got to Jung's durden Senator Clinton dollar gift card. He did get some roses three airlines unit a move in and then you can rule heard that way to hot air balloon. It all Jerry's got it Terry's I'm just thinking OK I can follow those roses wherever you're taking me I. Had a nice going this morning and.