Just under 18% of people habe done this while in line at the fast food drive up?

Tuesday, August 14th


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94 point nine WOL explain strain which my dog in the morning. Johnson's morning trivia contest every morning at 730 here and classic kids had a four point nine W. We're talking about these fast food window this morning. I've been there more than other. Eight fast food question just under 18% of people have done this. Won't driving through the fast food lion all right just under 18% of people have done this while driving to the fast food. Meeting but fast food your prize Johnny's Italian steak house. 25 dollar gift certificate with you are correct. Pretty straight answer as 66419. Be bored I let's and then it's. Forward paid forward good guests are not at the but takes republic. Or Carter leave after ordering no good just so they took all of this morning. WL it's pretty straight out of guesses so far let's and viewers hear what you think just under 18% of people of done this all all at the fast food drive up. Their boat teams their clothes hit up ex client with them what I did everything. I'm gonna have that fixed. And illustrates straight what do you think I just under 18% of people about this in the bathroom line. Her murdered that sit desperate and he treats cool yeah it's. It's yeah. Nice to all of this morning hey why you're welcome anything but fast food Johnny's Italian state countless. All of the Internet where it sun prairie dogs you'll. Gotta love that bloody. You deserve it for all your hard work this morning.