Just under 100% of American homes have this in the kitchen...what is this?

Thursday, May 17th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W all Lex moved on the morning are green screen question this morning. Answer on the rays red hot line 6641 hour before nine answer correctly he went abroad fast fun pack. Did you looked up for drug test just live over a week away. The broad box and ride passes this question a story you'll find. This fuel find this in nearly 100%. Of American kitchens so a lot of us. This what does that sick I was totally in the brief history. I can hear you know how. What's your answer this morning today questions. Right away and microwave oven is a great guest for the great street Lou. Me move not until insurgency not if you then go have a good day long heavy Thursday. I don't know I sprains strains 66 or one. You'll find it odd this in just under a 100% of American kitchens. Well I don't believe in every corner. Bottle wasn't every corner off. I. Think. I'm in a hurry ascertain its 6419490. I you'll find you one of these just under a 100% of every kitchen in America cult leader. A toaster. Is another good lies like death guess yeah. Not not he's not yeah it's you're the bad. In your Olympics depends on annualized rate streaks you'll find this into utter a 100% of American teachings but we don't. I get to Brazil Sweden. Are you lose all my job I shot almost every home has the box I can't say a whole new level is there real and all that's so funny everyone else as guests seem like appliances and things are which are really Smart you are very very Smart you what we know. And Britney. I'm out why can't even get ahead at times each hole only picked up I can even catch that looked CE. Pretty sharp they're bloodier adds thank goodness you were listening. Yeah here and normally I'm not think she felt need to do very updated digitally yeah. Easy to feel what's your name. And and oh yeah I knew I recognized you blaze that.