Just under 10 % of us have a fear of wearing what?

Thursday, July 5th


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For your convenience if you hit the snooze button one too many times we post the green screens here at W Alexa dot com. Thanks reject it out soaring questioned why is. Nearly 10% of us. Are afraid to. To where once they fashioned fear question this morning nearly 10% of us are afraid to. The winner of blacks Gregory urban of Oxford figured out. Let's listen into all the brain strain played bad. W all acts can morning tea. The morning are you doing this morning are you doing this morning good good deeds what do you think the answer is dirty underwear do. Your momma sadness always work clean underwear. You're damn right it could hit it. All that's a good drive on it but you have a good didn't stay cool thing you can Wear clean underwear for a couple. WLX brain strain we're glad you called the morning. Publisher forced. Or what we're saying the bill actually he was plus relax relax relax a Z in many fireworks is what she's an animal boobs. No I don't act at all that I work at jab at night so it's relaxing. Who he what do you think the answer is its. Own. Homes swimsuits and today is national Bertini the that is not the end it's a good guess we'll know for trying to have a video where a swimsuit smartest so could you tell Arizona since the cricket. Don't feel alleged raised during the morning. Howard hereditary ghetto area and our tools. My gut out shoot protest. Could be more specific. Sure sure and it yeah well well knowledge this is a big deal out of the hell who. I don't ever put our current or are everywhere are sure Bali that's tough herbalist on the use. But yet you want to I want more out. It's a specific tennis shoe. Yeah for normal means. Thanks for pride and these are trying to much touch me don't you. W you'll extreme straight what you think. I'll what are your wedding the thought that flat. Things. Yes blizzards it's sort of narrows on your abs of steel the Bucs defense vocal if you're a good yes then you have a good day stay cool. Could put put out there you are. I don't bode Knoll. I'm actually pops it. Flop flips flops no good guess they'll tell you state call got a pair flip flops and something cool on the hill behind day. Alex brains strain is 6641049. I just under 10% of us have a fear. Of wearing. White. Yeah I'm a better shape. I didn't lighter one hours younger wearing my mom graduate and you'll first. How her uncle of Little Rock series echoes this solar of those panel has seen any offers a long long time. You know I know so much we're so glad you called us and you'll extreme strain at all. So yeah I'm gonna say I killed. High heels. I feel what they're making your heels. I'm tall so I can do without the high heels. OK I don't need to hi hey you know no longer against man thinks Colin. A dual screens screen 66 or when I'm when I'm repeating the question it is woke up. Just got out of the shower wasn't easy enough this is Monica Tuesday there'll they pay just under 10% of us have a fear of wearing white. I don't I heels. Up high heels you're not have to think you saw march. A dual screens stream just under 10% of us have a fear of wearing what some balloon boy there is this. Ballmer we barely went bowling shoes is the big picture it's a silly you're considered a good. All Ozzie you're awesome.