January is now the most popular month to do this.....do what ?

Tuesday, January 23rd


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Classic hits and a four point nine WO elect's team in Gerri look on the morning with your greens drain questions this morning answer is 6641. Naughty porn I answered correctly when a pair of tickets for. James Taylor with Bonnie raid in concert June 28. And summer fest in Milwaukee. Question this morning. Experts have determined the month of January is the most popular month. To do this. Do want there's your brain strain W Olin lacks what. Bonnie ray James Taylor. You get a mold if you tell somebody that I'm sorry I can't yes what what do you think the incidents. During graduation. Mom. Considering the weather that. As my number line. Not hot hot I have buddy good try though and how do you always braves trade you answered six export wanted to for an answer correctly you're off to summer transfer James Taylor. Anybody arrayed and Gemini law's birthday on my birthday yeah. What what do you think the answer is January is the popular month most popular monster what WLX ray is trained to do for Colleen yes the answer. I'm gonna Google on her own. It's amazing yes they winter getaway cruise that's my number one gas region tells me I'm way off. I doubt there are you we add. An extra armor into. Yeah raise strains exist on our border right number you just also that you know the answer January is the most popular month long walks. And be merry they get. He's worth the city leads. Breaking. Sing it needed to do that anyway picky kid. Our. Top I mean I can't wait from the very loud yeah. Okay and Erie and kept in January they can find somebody new smooth. But like I think tonight's. Crime and what was it all yet as the need for me the sang about we had some legal relationship and I hope. Yeah yeah yeah yeah it didn't. But help you at the Missouri the diesel Dickey. Okay you're too close to let you go solo in June and I asked me what's your name. Being ordered.