It is now known that at Christmas time, older adults prefer this over the younger generation il large numbers. What?

Monday, December 4th


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Time for the look on the morning world famous for mainstream question along with Terry barker. And search. At 6641949. We knew the answer figured out when he Dunkin' Donuts gift card all this week much. To own. NT suddenly Homer Simpson. And coffee America runs Arne Duncan. Question this morning it is not known that older adults. At Christmas time prefer this over the younger generation in large numbers. What is it that the older adults prefer at christmastime. A single in the brain strain luck. Hey good morning WL I sprain strains good looking good without any I mean Q and are one rumor came Kandahar and I want hot hot hot hot. That's only has at all. And I went into a keen interest in music now peaking and Christmas music that both standing does not uses them that he loves. Turner. Job. W on us pretty strained your eyes and when it comes to Christmas time older people prefer this over younger people in great numbers. General can keep it. Jake. I disagree cancer incidence of complaints that it who critique comes or are you. And the blue nylon. Like if I'm not want people to sample raincoat is that the answer nods yeah. Yeah it. 66149. Answers the greens drain when it comes to Christmas time for older people prefer this in great numbers over younger people. It. Sticks of popular answer. That's my answer I did. Donald stayed till they're coming up. I've yeah. Beyond his teeth out. While fruitcakes that big when I love that answer WR likes the greens drain you do this morning. How are you really does Christmas gone so far. Cause. That stuff for language Gaza sharpened on them. I'm not doing it all I don't yeah. Just not your your presents. Actually present day here at. In debris is straight as portability and with a Christmas flavor here when it comes to Christmas time older adults preferred is so over the younger folks in the in large numbers are we talking about sleeping yet. Sleeping in the during the colonies of the good recovery timid not quite and not a gloomy. Thanks for your guess thank you yeah. Succeeds or one and we're not digs for Colin the green street question this morning when it comes to Christmas older adult prefer this over the younger people in large numbers these days. Arctic hypocrite and artificial does mysteries is be correct ring connect. I never would have guessed that there at sprint you might punish the trees is the correct brace straight to this morning's.