If you’re having a bad day, your 71% likely to do what?

Friday, July 13th


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The dog according Jim and Jerry we thank you personally for checking on our website WO well extent count here we are with all the brains strains posted. Bring your convenience yes the great argument Sadler. He posted here every day. Let's listen in on this morning's pretty in street action. We'll explain straight good morning good morning and they give an answer. I do I thought you might stick to what you've got a hundred other words if you're having a bad day you're 71% more likely to do what's. Dominique just over key dirty don't know see. None of. Know how well you're eat your small close the peak yeah. Hello this made it through children through beautiful woman is Terry what do you think I don't know it's I can't. Agree that. Please YouTube guy added and get it. The what you did there is is a sneaked. A world you don't get it yeah yeah yeah hell works all yeah. I judge easier you know they'd need these you know these may ridicule us. I never let that day what do you think I did I don't like I've seriously actually a law would you guys so I can't be a judge with a hot hot yeah it. So way to go you know yeah. We'll play particularly good to. That's off some home. Let me know that would allow. True. Yeah. Yeah not a machine as a lot of people who. Zero old. Knee I didn't know they're gonna put on a great shall there all right guy she out yup. I can't wait to hear what the evil which actually looks like you. Did you must calling give us a review. I will do so I'm not sought solace indeed any of Ellis did do those things scare you in a movie that the twister them the lion monkeys that. The trees the trees or grab him. I. It is clearly intrigued whipping up already let's go America. Howard trouble dice awkward problems is real life but. Isn't it would. Who is this top diplomat men nice going this way at no. You don't recall list from this morning downtown Madison. Eighties.