This iconic band sold millions of C.D.'s. concert tickets and yet scored ony one #1 hit?

Friday, October 20th


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It's time for the Madonna morning world famous green stream question along with Terry Barr can call us with your answer. At 6641 out of 49 or correct answer will we knew all Bucky books. The new book he'd look available at a Walgreens and could save available here for free with your correct greens trying to answer. Question this morning as we had furry number one hits weekend. Speaking of number one hits this iconic BM SP and his legendary. Sold millions of albums millions of concert tickets to sold out crowds. Worldwide but yet. They only had won the number one song it's unbelievable but true Ellis who is the only had one and number one hit hard to believe. There's your brain strain at WOLX. Good morning and Helio let's brains train yard turn relatives that Dan there can only one number one somewhat dreary and only one number one songs. I'm into the monkeys yeah. Another good guess that did your sister called. Me everybody wants a Lockheed look at gambling and her. Yeah. For a number one hits weekend on W Alexa we thought this would be a good subject this morning's Dan. Sold millions of albums and millions in concert tickets yet only. One number one song to their credit and I'm sure that problematic in that group had her own woman who not in another good news. And at W always Frasor what do you think did this slot only one number one sonogram on jesus' Stalin endorsement. Because. There aren't don't know who who do you. Yeah. And zone sorry but happy Friday he had absolutely sure all of hey Hillary you makes her. Yeah. I didn't the mass Collison into the hands but he always raised drained good morning aren't I paid sort of almost like. Groves of all time yet they only had a one. Number wants on his partner believes current or maybe that ruined no no good just the public nuisance for trying to ask REE. W all I see green screen you called 664 point 94 nights we got you know the answer to the brain strain caused this morning me. Had only one number once on this group was so iconic millions of dollars and concert tickets and album sales we had only one. Number one song of the grateful I huddle to no sir honestly that's agree is that Sandra guest is. Could get a pass to W all brace straight or off to a off to a Roland stuff. Hot clapping yeah I. You're right. Very clear her attitude these. Don't surrogate gets so thanks for trial all WR let's bring street how you do this morning. And you wouldn't you don't really get a one of the most liked it grooves of all time they sold millions of albums it's. Let's get. To believe they only had one number one song yeah we talking about us I got to me yeah. How long do we have to see no because. I LZ I need to do. And who might and it knows who want to you do what I don't Robert don't give really lousy key you know happy friends. Fear fans were the only number one hit that three or panic yes. Yeah Aerosmith nominee handling animals on districts. CW. OMX. Three and streets successful one for nine legendary iconic man we're talking money here. Only one or number one songs. Fleetwood Mac Theriot ol' hat there are quotas for I don't know what you're blogging books you know like at a bar at prime forgotten who are people who. Early in the morning to you say it does have a date with Jim none no we didn't ask how I did you. Let's what doll what I isn't what is the song dream. Yes is not saying this isn't it breezy and all the assets of grief and what Dan what grade generally don't want number owns. Moved. Unbelievable what are you Fleetwood Mac fan yes yes I do it right away and trying to get through. But it. Hang in and they are no one else I don't status Emma Stone and how much shocks me anymore but this question or thought yeah I I asked him several times are you sure this isn't any good nor will believe it I don't Arnold. I'm a video on it over video on Fleetwood Mac and that's when I tried. How I never realized extra thought into orbit on rumors. You maturity and an album that album is fantastic yes that is still sounds good now. Still sells so downloads like crazy and an album still solid gold he asks so yeah committee high and hot how it's not his goal this morning. We did too scary here.